Music theatre

Become a triple threat performer
Market yourself as a versatile singer, dancer and actor.

What is music theatre?

Music theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines singing, acting and dance. A career in music theatre requires vocal training in chest belt, mix and head voice. A healthy technique based on core breath support, vocal control throughout the range resonance and projection is vital.

This course, taught by industry leaders, will set you up with the physiological and theoretical skills to project the music theatre voice in a healthy and technically proficient manner. Music theatre majors will explore repertoire from the last hundred years of using the voice in theatrical contexts, emphasising technical skills in voice, movement, acting and dance, authentic musical and dramatic expression, and English diction.

You will gain experience in diverse music theatre genres through ensemble performance workshops, where you will learn and reflect on your own and your peers' work. On completion of this degree, you should be able to demonstrate musical, dramatic, dance and technical skills that will prepare you for engagement as music theatre performers, undertake higher level music studies healthy and versatile vocal technique in all registers, with projection, diction, individuality and authenticity in a range of performance contexts.

  • Draw on the Conservatorium's expertise in producing healthy vocal technique with skills in acting and dance, taught by industry leaders, to create triple threat musicians.
  • Work on your music theatre voice in a University environment with world class concert halls and facilities, including more than 100 practice rooms, diverse performing spaces and extensive library resources.
  • Have access to a wide range of subject areas from across the University, electives that will allow you to obtain skills in another area of expertise, such as languages and performance studies, giving your degree broader value.
  • Work with industry experts, with acclaimed Director Dr Narelle Yeo leading the program.
  • Benefit from being in close proximity to large theatres in Sydney’s city arts precinct.
  • Dr Narelle Yeo, Associate Professor in Voice and Stagecraft
  • Mr Simon Kenway, Associate Lecturer in Music Theatre, Conductor and Musical Director
  • Mr Robert McDougall, Associate Lecturer in Music Theatre
  • Mr Peter Cousens, Casual Lecturer in Voice and Stagecraft
  • Ms Olivia Ansell, Casual Lecturer in Dance
  • Ms Felicity Jurd, Casual Lecturer in Acting
  • music theatre performer
  • film/television actor
  • professional singer
  • independent artist
  • music theatre teacher
  • arts administrator
  • dramaturg
  • director or producer
  • stage manager
  • festival manager

What are my study options with music theatre?