Associate Professor Alice Motion appointed interim Sydney Nano Director

7 December 2022
Prominent science communicator commences as interim Director of Sydney Nano.
Alice joins this role with three years of experience as Sydney Nano Deputy Director (External Engagement and Academic Development), where she excelled in connecting Sydney Nano with the broader University community and showcasing the transformational research output of Sydney Nano.
Associate Professor Alice Motion

Associate Professor Alice Motion

Associate Professor Alice Motion is a chemist and prominent science communicator at the University of Sydney with a research focus on Science Communication, Outreach, Participation, and Education (SCOPE). 

Professor Ben Eggleton, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and former Director of Sydney Nano has worked closely with Associate Professor Motion alongside Sydney Nano Chief Operating Officer, Dr Gunther Schmidt, to establish and develop academic training programs aimed at all levels of researchers, most notably the Future Leaders Training Program.

This program offers unique, curated training sessions to develop skills in PhD students and postdoctoral researchers that will enhance their future careers whether in industry or academia. 

In announcing the appointment, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Global & Research Engagement Professor Kathy Belov said: "Alice is a highly skilled and recognised researcher and science communicator, advocate of women in STEM, and Deputy Director (External Engagement and Academic Development) at Sydney Nano. I look forward to working with Alice over the next six months to strengthen our already outstanding research and engagement at Sydney Nano". 

Alice was awarded the Eureka Prize in 2020 for promoting understanding of science and is committed to engaging new and underrepresented audiences. An important voice for the popularisation of science, she has reached millions of Australians through a range of methods that include original podcasts, musical festivals, television appearances and social media. 

In accepting the appointment, Associate Professor Motion said, "I’m excited to continue the excellent work of Professor Ben Eggleton and the team at Sydney Nano.  It’s an honour and privilege to work with such outstanding colleagues from all around the University and lead Sydney Nano, which is an outstanding exemplar of our commitment to ground-breaking, multidisciplinary research, both nationally and globally."

 “I look forward to working together with other MDI leaders and Professor Kathy Belov to support multidisciplinarity and collaboration at the University of Sydney and to share our research with international partners and the public.” 

Associate Professor Motion commenced in the interim Director role in early December 2022 and will continue in this capacity for a period of six months, during which time international recruitment for the continuing Director position will commence.