Articles published in 2019

30 December 2019

Engineering with impact: our top stories of 2019

From high-powered rockets and ketone breathalysers to epilepsy prediction devices and cybersecurity: these are some of 2019's top engineering stories.
23 December 2019

University of Sydney leads preferences for high achievers

The University of Sydney is once again the leading choice for high achieving students applying for an undergraduate degree in 2020.
20 December 2019

7 reasons to study medical imaging science

As medical imaging technology rapidly evolves, we need expert practitioners to develop optimised imaging techniques and advance diagnostic efficacy.
20 December 2019

Academic leaders in postgraduate medical education

The University of Sydney School of Medicine employs leading experts in a broad range of specialist fields. Hear from some of our program directors about their experiences as clinicians.
20 December 2019

Business Dalyell scholars share their vision for future change     

Business Dalyell students shared their views on creating positive change in society at the 2019 Advance Awards Ceremony and pitched ideas for embracing neurodiversity in work environments through the IBM Challenge.

19 December 2019

University of Sydney joins SCRIPTS Centre of Excellence

University of Sydney social scientists will help address fundamental questions about the development of politics and society as part of a new multimillion-dollar cross-university research project.
19 December 2019

Why road rules should be rewritten to put walking first

You are walking east on a footpath and come to an unmarked intersection without traffic signals. A vehicle is driving north, across your path. Who has right of way in Australia? Pedestrians should, argues Professor David Levinson.
19 December 2019

Carbon intensity of listed investments continue to fall

The carbon footprint of the University of Sydney's share portfolio is the lowest it has been since the University launched its carbon reduction strategy nearly five years ago.
19 December 2019

10 health stories that got people talking this year

It's been a busy year for our health and medical researchers. From our own research into diet, climate and vaccination to expert commentary on sports doping, measles and bushfires.
19 December 2019

6 careers with a degree in medical science

From pathology to histology, a degree in medical science can open up many doors to a career in medicine or research.
19 December 2019

Stand out from the herd: how cows commooonicate through their lives

PhD student Alexandra Green has published her research that shows dairy cows respond to positive and negative emotional prompts with individual 'voice'. She says the results have implications for farmers and animal welfare.
18 December 2019

10 of the best science discoveries at Sydney in 2019

From 'insectageddon' and saving our sea lions to an antidote for box jellyfish venom and the world's oldest semen, it's been a very busy year for our scientists. Here are just a few of their discoveries.
18 December 2019

The gene therapy research that could save a family of four

Mary and Neveah Taouk suffer from a disorder so rare it has no name. Now, thanks to new research and a crowdfunding push, the sisters and their parents have a glimpse of hope.
18 December 2019

Representations of mothers in ads haven't changed in 60 years

Since 1950, representations of mothers in ads did evolve. Yet, a mother's knowledge and expertise is still confined to consumption and the domestic sphere of family life, write Associate Professor Teresa Davis and authors
17 December 2019

Four things you might not know about Christmas

Think you know everything about Santa Claus and the myriad traditions that surround him? Professor Carole Cusack, from the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Sydney, shares some festive season facts that may surprise you.
17 December 2019

5 things you need to do before the semester begins

It’s that time again – uni is about to begin for 2020! Before you head off to your classes for this semester, there are a few key tasks you’ll need to complete so that the year runs smoothly.
17 December 2019

10 of our biggest stories from the last decade

As a new decade approaches, we look back on our ten biggest stories from the 2010s. From uncovering the key to pain, the benefits of the arts and dealing with cane toads, our experts advanced knowledge across a whole range of issues.
17 December 2019

Advertising continues to reinforce gender stereotypes, study finds

Magazine adverts continue to tell mothers to put families first and devote their knowledge to caring for family members rather than using it for personal and professional advancement, according to an international study.
17 December 2019

Outcome of initial inquiry into concerns raised about 2014 paper

Today Professor Duncan Ivison released the outcome of an initial inquiry into concerns raised about a 2014 paper; no breaches or research misconduct were found and the analyses and conclusions were found to be acceptable.
17 December 2019

Sydney research among most influential of 2019

Three research papers featuring University of Sydney academics - on the 'insect apocalypse', the birthplace of modern humans and the global climate emergency - have been ranked among the world's most influential scientific studies for 2019.