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5 things you need to do before the semester begins

17 December 2019
Hit the ground running this semester
It’s that time again – uni is about to begin for 2020! Before you head off to your classes for this semester, there are a few key tasks you’ll need to complete so that the year runs smoothly.

1. Check out CUSP

Did you know that there are some subjects that you have to study as part of your degree? One of the most important tasks you’ll need to check off your list before semester begins is to log onto CUSP, the Faculty of Engineering’s course and unit of study portal. CUSP provides you with degree structures and course outlines that will tell you exactly which subjects you need to enrol in, so that you’re on track to complete those mandatory subjects. Include URL.

Introduction to CUSP

2. Attend academic advice day

Academic advice day is just what it sounds like – a day where you can ask any and all questions you have to our friendly engineering academics. Curious about whether you can choose subjects from other disciplines? Keen to know if you can go on exchange during your degree? Come along on Thursday 16 January 2020 and chat to the experts to find out!

3. Check out Welcome Week events

Study is a big part of uni life, but let’s not forget that you can have fun along the way! Make sure you come along to Welcome Week to start getting to know the campus and the people. Plus, our engineering clubs and societies will be there to welcome you – why not join the Sydney University Robotics Club, or SYNCS, our computing society? With many to choose from, join a society is one of the best ways to make friends and make your university experience fun.

4. Log into Canvas

You’ll log into Canvas many times over the semester, so it’s worth getting to know the how the platform works. Canvas is where your lecturers and tutors will post messages about classes, assessments and timetable information, so it’s best to get into the habit of logging on to Canvas regularly to make sure you don’t miss anything! Semester 1 unit of study sites will start appearing on Canvas two weeks before lectures start, but make sure you check out our Get Involved page now.

5. Get connected

To keep up to date with all of our news, make sure you follow the Faculty of Engineering on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn. Plus, note down the best contacts for any questions you might have about your study, including the student centre, and check out our student website for a wealth of information, including all system logins and a list of key dates. Also, Google “A day in the life of an engineer” to get some food for thought!