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22 December 2020

Increased government support to help nurses advance their careers

Making our postgraduate courses in nursing more accessible, we are now offering an increased number of Commonwealth Supported Places across a range of our graduate certificate programs.

22 December 2020

Expand your Arts degree with the Bachelor of Advanced Studies

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (BAS) students Anthony, Josh and Jamaica explain how the BAS has unleashed the potential of their Arts degree.
22 December 2020

Business School alumna Samantha Cook appointed to the High Court of Fiji

An alumna of the part-time MBA has been appointed to the High Court of Fiji, a “career milestone”.
22 December 2020

Understanding the shift towards a successful circular economy

What does ‘green’ concrete and material flow data have in common? They are both ways Australia can continue its shift towards the circular economy that were raised at the latest Australian Circular Economy Conference.
22 December 2020

Physical activity levels increased by smartphone apps and fitness trackers

New research finds activity trackers and mobile apps currently being used by consumers are effective in improving physical activity, with an average increase of around 2000 steps per day. This has the potential to lower the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.
21 December 2020

12 of our biggest business stories from this year

2020 has been a big year. We take a look back at the twelve most read stories from the University of Sydney Business School.

18 December 2020

In pursuit of performance

Economics alumnus, Craig Hassall AM reflects on studying at the University of Sydney and some key career highlights, including in his current role as CEO of Royal Albert Hall.
18 December 2020

University of Sydney welcomes new Federal Ministry

The University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor and Principal Professor Stephen Garton today thanked Dan Tehan MP for his service as Minister for Education and welcomed Alan Tudge MP in his new role.
18 December 2020

Media mentions

We are regularly engaged in wider public discussion around mental health, substance use and other related topics.
18 December 2020

Another successful year for PREMISE

The PREMISE NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Prevention and Early Intervention in Mental Illness and Substance Use has had another successful year training future leaders and providing opportunities for collaboration.
18 December 2020

Juris Doctor student wins prestigious Wentworth Medal

Georgia Reid shares her experience as a Juris Doctor student at Sydney Law School, and the significance of winning the 2020 Wentworth Medal.
18 December 2020

In memory of friends far away

When the COVID-19 pandemic prevented Heidi Stalla from taking up her fellowship at the University of Sydney in 2020, she found she had more in common than expected with the subjects of her research, writers Virginia Woolf and Ling Shu Hua, who corresponded almost a century ago.
18 December 2020

Careers in maths

Due to the growing importance of technology, big data and economic efficiency in all kinds of businesses, mathematics, statistics and data science graduates continue to be in high demand.
18 December 2020

Capstone projects help students get ready for work

Three project management and computer science students share their experience completing capstone units and explain how they've turned learning into industry experience.
18 December 2020

Physics careers: what can you do with a physics degree?

Unravel the mysteries of our world. Build strong problem-solving skills desired in a range of industries and roles. Work at the forefront of science and technology.
17 December 2020

Engineers awarded for ongoing research excellence

Ongoing excellence in the fields of neutron science, sustainable engineering and materials engineering have seen three researchers from the Faculty of Engineering honoured on the global stage.
17 December 2020

Truth can be obscured by bodycam footage: research

A study on how viewing footage may affect a police officer's statement about an event shows that footage does not always replicate what an officer experienced.
17 December 2020

Secret of Australia's volcanoes revealed

Geoscientists at the University of Sydney can now provide a clear reason why Australia's east coast has been peppered with volcanoes from North Queensland to Tasmania.
16 December 2020

Recognising high-achieving students in language and culture studies

The School of Languages and Cultures congratulates 75 students who have received scholarships and prizes in 2020.
16 December 2020

Who cares for care workers?

The intricacies of the employment-care work connection must be better factored into policy, a new expert report asserts. Now, more than ever, bolstered child, disability and aged care arrangements will benefit all Australians.