Articles published in 2022

17 October 2022

Master of Management Student Profile Serwan Roman

Find out why Serwan Roman chose to study the Master of Management at the University of Business School and how it has helped him in his career.
17 October 2022

How research into mental health benefits everyone

Get to know Connie, a Master of Brain and Mind Sciences student who's passionate about supporting young people with brain and mind disorders.

17 October 2022

First Australian Boat Race in three years comes to a nail-biting end

On October 16, the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne took up oars for the first Australian Boat Race in three years, reigniting their 160-year-old rivalry. 

16 October 2022

Community perspectives on organising, growing and eating in the climate crisis

On World Food Day, we hear from our Grounded Imaginaries community researchers in India and Australia on how we can reimagine our food systems.
14 October 2022

Young people and experts share 'positive actions' they take to manage feelings of climate distress

On Tuesday 11 October, the Matilda Centre and Net Zero Initiative hosted an online panel discussion to discuss the mental health impacts of climate change, arm young people with practical coping strategies, and discover Net Zero solutions that industry can implement to bring about change.
14 October 2022

Con announces new postgraduate composition initiative

After the huge success of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s Composing Women program, the Con will be running a limited, 2-year project for selected students commencing in 2023.

14 October 2022

University of Sydney joins the Rainbow City

The University of Sydney will showcase a night-time rainbow mural in celebration of the Sydney WorldPride 2023 festival at the Footbridge Gallery at the Camperdown campus.
14 October 2022

Study suggests ADHD diagnosis in childhood hasn't improved quality of life for teens

An Australian study examining the quality of life in relation to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnoses suggests a diagnosis in childhood is currently not associated with improved quality of life for Australian teens.
13 October 2022

Stimulating private sector development of affordable housing

No single sector can supply Australia's needed social and affordable housing, increasingly it needs to be financed, developed and managed by partnerships of government, community-based and market providers, according to new research led by Sydney's School of Architecture, Design and Planning.
13 October 2022

Prioritising protein during perimenopause may ward off weight gain

Minor adjustments to the balance of macronutrients in a woman's daily diet during the transition to menopause could lessen or even prevent weight gain and lean tissue loss, according to researchers from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre.
13 October 2022

Baffling 'spiderweb' star not an 'alien megastructure'

A distant star - ringed by geometric ripples and captured by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) in July - has baffled astronomers, and triggered frenzied internet speculation it might be evidence of an alien megastructure.
13 October 2022

Doctor of Business awarded to former NSW Premier

The Honourable Mike Baird AO, former Premier of NSW, was yesterday admitted to the degree of Doctor of Business (honoris causa) for his outstanding contribution in the fields of government, business and the not-for-profit sector.
13 October 2022

University of Sydney to host THE World Academic Summit 2023

The University of Sydney, Australia, will host the next Times Higher Education World Academic Summit, 26-28 September, 2023.

12 October 2022

Sydney researchers receive 31 Investigator grants

Creating a genetic map to prevent future pandemics, chronic disease support and heart attack prevention are some of the projects awarded funding in the 2022 NHMRC Investigator Grants.

12 October 2022

Research excellence spurs jump in THE rankings

Research and international outlook key to University moving to 54th position globally in 20th year of Times Higher Education rankings.
12 October 2022

Future health of coral reefs written in the sand

University of Sydney geoscientists develop a technique that reveals the health of coral reefs from space.

12 October 2022

Unique partnership revolutionising surgical imaging with robotics

A research collaboration between a world-leading medical device company and an award-winning physicist is promising clear, real-time imaging of moving organs during complex surgeries, de-risking these procedures and greatly improving patient outcomes.
12 October 2022

Religious bullying in the school playground and how to combat it

Religion-based bullying is increasing in Australian schools. A new book and report urge school principals to value religious education programs to promote intercultural understanding.
12 October 2022

Joint PhD allows research students to work across Sydney and Paris

An agreement between the University of Sydney and Sorbonne University will create international opportunities for doctoral candidates.
11 October 2022

Museum of Contemporary Art former director awarded Doctor of Letters

The University of Sydney awarded Elizabeth Ann Macgregor AM OBE an honorary doctorate in recognition of her immense dedication to the arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art.