Master of Management Student Profile Serwan Roman

Q&A with Serwan Roman, Master of Management student.
Find out why Serwan Roman chose to study the Master of Management at the University of Business School and how it has helped him in his career.

Why did you decide to study a Master of Management?

I decided to study the Master of Management because my brother and I started working on a new project, called The Hangar. It’s effectively a multi-purpose hospitality venue that can be best described as an espresso garden. Due to the size of the project, I wanted to be as prepared as I could be entering the venture, and so I decided to up-skill myself in business. I didn’t do my undergraduate degree in business, so I was excited that the Master of Management would be able to teach me the fundamentals of business theory and practice.

Why did you choose the University of Sydney? 

I enjoyed studying my undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney, so it made sense to return to complete my postgraduate studies. The access to the careers centre and its resources, the academics at the university, and its open space campuses were the key reasons for me choosing the University of Sydney. The Master of Management is ranked number one in Australia, and this ultimately influenced my decision to undergo the program.

What has been the best thing about the Master of Management? 

I think the most rewarding thing about the program is that it doesn’t just teach you the fundamentals of business theory, but you will undergo practical experience surrounding strategy, innovation, quantitative analysis and most importantly, a process of self-reflection where you can really identify your strengths, weaknesses and biases.

I appreciate how all the students come from different backgrounds, different fields of study, and they all bring something different to the table. You are constantly learning, not just from the teachers, but from the people around you.

What would you say to others considering studying a Master of Management?

If you want postgraduate qualifications that will give you deeper understanding into the different elements of business, management and leadership, in addition to expanding your network with people that are highly driven, well then this course would be a suitable fit as it really exposes you to the realities of the business environment.

What do you hope to achieve with the Master of Management?

I’ve got two main goals for my future and believe the Master of Management will help me achieve both of these. First, I would like to secure a role within management consulting within the events and/or sporting industry, and second, I would like to develop my business venture into one that is highly valuable to its community, and one that can achieve great scale. 

The Master of Management program gives opportunity to students to be placed into real life scenarios, by preparing consulting briefs and strategy recommendations to selected companies, with the pursuit to solve existing and future problems. The tools and frameworks we learn in the classroom are able to be directly translated into the real world.

17 October 2022

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