22 December 2022

Buy Now Pay Later regulation needed to protect vulnerable borrowers

People who own multiple Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) accounts are more likely to be vulnerable high-risk borrowers, according to a first-of-its-kind study from the University of Sydney Business School.
21 December 2022

Inflation and interest will sting, but wages should rise in 2023

The Australian economy has experienced a strong recovery and is enjoying record-low unemployment, but domestic and international challenges will cast a long shadow over 2023, University of Sydney Business School academics have warned.
14 December 2022

Boldness needed to build boardroom innovation

While the business community has shifted gears in response to COVID-19, more needs to be done to sustain and accelerate the gains made, according to a new study.
13 December 2022

MBA Student Profile Dr Catherine Bateman

Dr Catherine Bateman shares why she chose the University of Sydney MBA, and how it has impacted her personally and professionally.

08 December 2022

The ChatGPT chatbot is blowing people away with its writing skills

Dr Marcel Scharth from the University of Sydney Business School explains why ChatGPT is so impressive - and where it might be immediately useful.
01 December 2022

Pain becomes purpose for UN Women MBA scholarship winner

Leadership is an opportunity to support vulnerable and at-risk women for Martha Vasquez, the latest recipient of the University of Sydney Business School UN Women Australia MBA scholarship, whose focus is informed by her own experiences of both discrimination and depression.
01 December 2022

Mobility as a Feature (MaaF): Rethinking the Focus of Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

David Hensher and Sampo Heitanen suggest that a paradigm change is required when it comes to Mobility as a Service (MaaS). They encourage a move towards transport services as part of a wider activity-focussed product mix driven by the private sector that is also financially sustainable.
30 November 2022

Gen Z tech entrepreneur wins Sydney Genesis startup competition

From compostable packaging and AI-powered film dubbing to 'TikTok for fashion', the latest entrepreneurs have impressed in the University of Sydney Business School's flagship startup accelerator Genesis.
28 November 2022

Outstanding Business School alumni win Women in Digital Awards

Alumni Emily Bobis, Stevie-Ann Dovico and Elisa Chan have been acknowledged as female role models in digital and technology by the 2022 Women in Digital Awards.

25 November 2022

Business students support scholarships through investment fund

Business students are showing their market value and driving social change with an innovative new learning opportunity.