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26 September 2022

Alumni Profile: Dalton Liam Fogarty

Bachelor of Commerce alumnus Dalton shares his experience studying at the University of Sydney to becoming Head of Strategy at Prezzee.
21 September 2022

Researchers uncover ‘pecking order of defaults’ as belts tighten

The University of Sydney Business School and credit bureau illion have confirmed which financial products are more valuable to consumers when they start to feel the pinch - and which ones they are likely to default on first.
14 September 2022

Unlearn "The Future" at DISRUPT.SYDNEY 2022

The University of Sydney Digital Futures Research Group will host thought leaders, academic and industry experts, and technology specialists in the annual DISRUPT.SYDNEY conference.
12 September 2022

‘Techies’ help millions globally access better healthcare

From Haiti to Myanmar, Associate Professor Manoj A. Thomas of the University of Sydney Business School has improved healthcare access for millions around the world - and now his sights are set on Oceania.

08 September 2022

Female directors improve corporate social responsibility

Companies are more likely to take corporate social responsibility seriously if they have more women on their board of directors, new University of Sydney Business School research reveals.

05 September 2022

The growing importance of equity in planning cities: recognising the value of improved mobility for those at exclusion risk

Social equity is an essential factor in transport and infrastructure planning. Professor John Stanley explains how ITLS research on mobility can be used in planning to achieve more equitable outcomes for all.
31 August 2022

Trades need reform to immigration, training, industrial relations

Current industrial relations, training and immigration policy arrangements need reform to meet workforce needs in vocational trades, according to new research from the University of Sydney Business School.
29 August 2022

MBA Student Profile Akhilla Ashok

Akhilla Ashok shares why she chose the University of Sydney MBA, the best part of the degree so far, and how she found the transition from Mumbai to Sydney.
29 August 2022

Good jobs, flexibility, and care key to Western Sydney women

Improved wages, increased opportunities for flexible work and access to affordable care are the main things working women in Western Sydney want, a new University of Sydney report finds.
23 August 2022

Controlling COVID-19 proves good for corporate bottom line

Cost-effective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 not only save lives but also have an economic benefit, new research from the University of Sydney Business School confirms.