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20 March 2020

ACCC reappoints Business School expert to small business and franchising committee

A leading expert on the franchise industry has urged the Federal Government to act on the recommendations of last year's Parliamentary inquiry into the $182 billion sector.
19 March 2020

Multi-award winning mask maker turns to Business School for global market insights

As demand for protective face masks grows, innovative local startup AusAir has turned to postgraduate students at the University of Sydney Business School for analysis of key international markets ahead of its product launch.
04 March 2020

MBA Scholarship recipients share a commitment to "leadership for good"

Meghal Shah and Meredith Edwards are both highly motivated professionals. They committed to improving people's lives and both see an MBA as a way of advancing their objectives.
02 March 2020

More on Electric Cars – Life Cycle Emission Concerns

The environmental and ethical ramifications of electric cars and battery technologies need to be taken into consideration before being hailed as a panacea for the global mobility crisis, writes Professor David Hensher.
25 February 2020

UN Women Australia MBA scholarships awarded to drivers of workplace change

The University of Sydney Business School has awarded UN Women Australia MBA scholarships to two very different people, one a doctor, the other an engineer, who share a commitment to effecting "long-lasting change."
24 February 2020

Trade barriers force multinationals to rethink global strategies

The new global economy has demanded greater efficiencies across value chains, prompting companies to re-evaluate their localisation strategies, according to two university researchers.
14 February 2020

Vice-Chancellor, Dr Michael Spence, expresses his condolences following death of student

On behalf of University of Sydney staff and students, Vice-Chancellor and Principal Dr Michael Spence has expressed his condolences to family and friends of student George Yuhan Lin following his tragic death in a road incident earlier this week.
13 February 2020

Best and brightest Dalyell students tackle the tough issues

The world is awash with "wicked" problems, and for small business startups in New South Wales, one of them is a highly confusing and often frustrating web of government departments, forms, approvals, agencies and regulations that must be satisfied.
12 February 2020

PhD graduate profile: Arpit Raswant

PhD graduate and previous Enhanced Business School Research Scholarship recipient, Arpit Raswant shares his experience as a doctoral research student at the University of Sydney Business School.

03 February 2020

A Supply Chain Perspective on the Novel Coronavirus

Understanding the development of the Novel Coronavirus from a supply chain perspective is essential if we are to prevent similar public health crises in the future, writes Dr Geoffrey Clifton.