19 June 2015

High-frequency trading and dark pools: a toxic effect on market evolution

Is high-frequency trading leading to reduced participation by genuine investors and borrowers?
26 June 2015

Managing emotional resources: the key to thriving at work

Using the latest techniques, our researchers investigate new strategies for helping workers in high-stress jobs to managing their feelings and organisational expectations.
30 October 2015

Having it all and avoiding climate disaster? Maybe not

A recently published book offers a sobering yet hopeful account of how corporate myths have slowed our response to human‑caused climate change, and what we can do about it.
31 July 2015

Brain drain and brain gain in the workplace

Dr Stefan Volk has enhanced organisational behaviour research with neuroscientific methods to discover why employees display particular behaviours at work and how these behaviours can be managed to achieve better outcomes.
23 August 2016

First impressions matter: forming trust in financial advisers

Many people do not know the difference between good and bad financial advice and are unaware of techniques advisers use to manipulate critical decisions, a recent study reveals.
03 November 2016

Fear, anxiety can drive firms to the wall

Ambitious corporate incentive schemes and performance goals can cause anxiety among employees, leading to a negative impact on productivity.
29 June 2016

The social side of e-commerce: lessons from rural China

Every year another 30 million Chinese people will go online to shop, a recent Boston Consulting Group report has found.
24 May 2016

Benchmarking as a tool for strategic aviation management

The formula used to measure airline performance could be used to analyse the sector's efficiency and, therefore, improve performance in any industry.
26 June 2024

Taken for a ride: The real cost of Sydney's metro railways

Christopher Day and Dick Day question the value of the large investments made in Sydney's metro system and its proposed developments.
26 June 2024

MBA Student Profile Dr Catherine Bateman

Dr Catherine Bateman shares why she chose the University of Sydney MBA, and how it has impacted her personally and professionally.