MBA Student Profile Abbie Watts

Q&A with Abbie Watts, full-time MBA student.
Abbie Watts shares why she chose the University of Sydney MBA, her key takeaways from the program so far, and her experience living in Sydney.
Image of Abbie Watts, current MBA student

Abbie Watts, full-time MBA student

Why did you apply for the MBA?

I realised that my current job position had already equipped me with initial sales management, and forecasting and strategy building skills. While I sought the advice of professionals who had already completed their MBA, I thought the full-time MBA would improve my knowledge on other areas of business such as finance, marketing, accounting and operations.

Why did you choose the University of Sydney?

I began researching the top business schools in Australia with my dream career in mind. When I saw the rankings of the University of Sydney, I suddenly wasn't interested in anything else! There's so much innovation going on in this university, and it's inspiring and simply amazing to witness.

I've looked at a lot of MBAs and I would say that I can't recommend this one enough. I have gotten so much out of this experience and its truly changed who I am, and what I value and what I'll do going forward.

What makes the Sydney MBA experience unique?

Students get a first-class learning experience and amazing insights from leading professionals from various industries. It's amazing to hear from guest lecturers that what you're learning in the class translates into what they're doing in the real world.

Our class is also a very diverse group. We all come from different backgrounds and are skilled in very different things. I find it very helpful and interesting that each person can bring their own expertise to the table in the company of industry experts. I already have so many opportunities just from building relationships with the people in this program.

What is your key takeaway from the MBA so far?

I’ve just developed a strong interest in real estate because I feel that it will provide a lot of professional autonomy for someone with a sales background like me. In Creativity and Innovation, Professor Guy Ford told our class, “It's better to be a generalist than a specialist”. I felt validated by this statement because I was trying to get over my fear of pivoting careers.

What is your work ethic?

I think my family and friends would say that I'm a natural leader. I value autonomy and I am very proactive to get things done. If there's a problem, I become really determined to fix it by thinking strategically and creatively, and that's what fills my cup.

Who inspires you?

My dad inspires me and I considered him as my mentor growing up. He worked at a very big company for over 30 years and he loved it there. My dad would always tell me about the value of having a business degree.

What do you like about living in Sydney?

I'm very fond of nature, beaches, warm weather and just being outside. Since I'm a very active person, I love walking outside and exploring all the different neighbourhoods. I think I've done the Bondi to Coogee walk about three to four times now and it's just beautiful. My partner loves to surf, so the environment is ideal.

17 October 2022

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