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Full-time MBA

Take your career to the next level, faster
Taught over 18 months, our intensive full-time MBA will develop your personal skills, business knowledge and ability to build and lead enterprises.

Discover our full-time MBA

At the University of Sydney Business School, we offer far more than the fundamentals of business. Future business leaders need to be resilient, adaptable, progressive and influential to succeed on the global stage.

Our full-time MBA is taught over 18 months in small class sizes. The program is delivered in an intensive format, where students complete two units of study at a time over a seven-to-eight-week period. Like most MBAs, our program offers a deep understanding of finance, marketing and strategy, but you’ll also learn how to lead teams in a digital world, harness big data, leverage the power of creativity and explore the nature of complex systems. You will also have the option to undertake an internship.

Our full-time MBA (Leadership and Enterprise) consists of 12 units of study grouped around three key focus areas:

  1. Personal and interpersonal skills development
  2. Business knowledge and skills development
  3. Building future enterprises
Personal and interpersonal skills development (Units 1-4)

The first four units of the full-time MBA focus on developing personal and interpersonal skills needed to manage and lead effectively. You will learn to build individual resilience in a world of growing complexity, disruption and ambiguity.

Business knowledge and skills development (Units 5-8)

Once you complete the first four units, you will focus on core business knowledge and skills, with an overarching theme of building business resilience and sustainability. You will have an opportunity to combine assessments from these four units to form a business project that will examine the sustainability of an existing business.

Building future enterprises (Units 9-11)

Your final four units will bring together the knowledge and skills you have gained in the previous units to equip you to build and lead future enterprises. The final unit is the MBA Capstone (Design Strategy) – you will develop customer-centric products and services that are aligned with the strategy of an existing organisation. You will integrate the skills, knowledge and experience acquired throughout the MBA to bring a real prototype to market.

Capstone (Unit 12)

A key goal for our part-time MBA is to prepare you for real-world business situations. Find out more about the MBA capstone: Design Strategy.

For detailed information about units of study, please visit the full-time MBA course page.

Our program offers optional internships during a study break towards the final third of the program.

Our internship program is about much more than work experience. It has been designed to offer exciting and meaningful projects for both individuals and teams across a range of organisations in emerging sectors including start-ups, social enterprises, non-profits and technology enterprises.

Along with your own industry experience, you will draw on the skills and knowledge gained from the first two-thirds of the program to develop compelling new propositions with impact for businesses and society.

Our full-time MBA will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to achieve your future anything. You will:

  • develop the personal and interpersonal skills required to effectively manage and lead
  • learn to build personal resilience in a complex world
  • acquire core business knowledge and skills
  • understand business resilience and sustainability
  • examine the sustainability of an existing business
  • master the art of building and leading future enterprises
  • develop the skills to deliver customer-centric products and services.

The University's tuition fees are reviewed annually and may vary during your period of study. For information relating to fees, please visit the full-time MBA course details page.

We offer two types of scholarships valued at varying amounts to local and international self-funded candidates for our full-time MBA program. They include:

If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please provide detail of this in your statement of motivation (see How to apply, below). 

To apply for the full-time MBA, you need to have:

  • a minimum of three years of relevant work experience; and 
  • a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 65 or equivalent in your undergraduate degree. 

If English is not your first language, you will also need to provide evidence of English language proficiency.

For more detailed information about admission criteria, please visit the full-time MBA course page

Step 1: Check the admission criteria

You will need to meet the necessary admission criteria before you will be considered for entry. Please check the admission criteria above. 

Step 2: Apply online

In order to complete your application online you will need the following documentation:

  • Your academic qualification details, for example, completion year and grade average
  • Your employment history/professional details
  • A statement of motivation (maximum two pages) outlining:
    • what you hope to achieve professionally and personally by completing the full-time MBA (Leadership and Enterprise) at the University of Sydney Business School
    • academic achievements
    • community involvement and extracurricular activities
    • leadership qualities
    • awards and recognition.

If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please provide details of this in your statement of motivation. 

If the results of your previous study aren’t available by the closing date, you can still submit an application. Your application will be considered, providing you forward the relevant results once they become available.

Step 3: Interview

Shortlisted applicants for the full-time MBA will be required to attend a selection interview establishing the candidate's suitability. These interviews take place in the month following the application deadline.

For detailed information about how to apply and application deadlines, please visit the full-time MBA course page.

In order to secure a place in the August 2021 cohort you are encouraged to apply in an early admission round.

Admission round Application deadline Interview dates
Round 1 1 August 2020 September 2020
Round 2 1 October 2020 November 2020
Round 3 1 November 2020 December 2020
Round 4 1 February 2021 March 2021
Round 5 1 April 2021 May 2021
Round 6 15 June 2021 July 2021

Interview times are subject to availability, and only shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview.

Note, applications will be accepted throughout the year, and outside of the above admission round deadlines.

Meet our alumni

Frances Cameron, full-time MBA student

Frances Cameron (MBA '19)

“The full-time MBA at the University of Sydney is unlike any other in that it emphasises leadership, entrepreneurship and creativity. Business is evolving so quickly and requires innovative problem solving skills, which is at the core of the Sydney MBA. The beauty of the coast, the infinite opportunities for outdoor adventure, and the many cultural attractions of the city make Sydney the perfect place to earn a degree.”

Luis Alfonso Caso Prado, full-time MBA student

Luis Alfonso Caso Prado (MBA '19)

“I chose the full-time MBA at Sydney for the international perspective of business and to expand my cultural approach towards life. For me, Australia offered the perfect balance to achieve a great education and amazing experience. The full-time MBA helped me become more entrepreneurial and to find new ways of doing business. I also learnt from the many diverse cultures of my cohort and expanded my networks worldwide.”

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