What qualities do we look for in our MBA applicants?

Find out if our full-time MBA is right for you
In a world of growing complexity, disruption and ambiguity, our full-time MBA offers far more than the fundamentals of business. Future business leaders need to be resilient, adaptable, progressive and influential to succeed on the global stage.

So, what are the qualities we look for when selecting our full-time MBA cohort? We’ve put together the list below to help you find out if our program is right for you.

You're a true leader with creativity, vision and influencing skills

Frances Cameron

Frances Cameron, United States

Our full-time MBA is a unique, industry-oriented and leadership-focused program, designed to produce a new generation of creative business leaders. We will build on your existing leadership skills, grow your confidence, and develop your creativity and vision.

“I chose the full-time MBA because of the progressive nature of the program. The curriculum emphasises leadership, entrepreneurship and creativity. I was drawn to the program's ability to prepare us for such a dynamic professional landscape.”

You embrace experiential learning

Christopher Alvord

Christopher Alvord, United States

Unlike most MBAs, you’ll ‘learn by doing’ with a small class of like-minded professionals. So that you get the most out of your MBA, we want you to come prepared to get your hands dirty.

“Sydney offered something unique in regards to experiential learning with a hands-on, real-world approach, which was vastly different from any other curriculum I had researched. It also included geographical closeness to diverse economies such as China, Japan, Singapore and India that US institutions could not provide.”

You're driven to make a positive impact

At the University of Sydney, we make lives better by producing leaders of society and equipping our people with leadership qualities so they can serve our communities at every level. We want our students to have this same drive to reach your full potential and make a difference to society. 

Kevin Lenahan in front of South Sudan Library

Kevin Lenahan, United States

“I am driven to make a difference to the people of South Sudan. That's why I'm establishing an NGO to improve literacy in the country.”

I hope to challenge business leaders in gaining greater awareness, establishing recognition of where we are and what is needed in society.
Matthew Gatzoubaros, Australia

Frances Cameron has worked as a teacher in a maximum-security women’s prison in Connecticut and helped start a sustainable food division at Patagonia. “I aspire to remain in the for-purpose sector and to take the leadership skills that I gain in the full-time MBA and use them to teach and empower other women and girls to strive toward reaching their full potential.”

You have a willingness to share your experience

At the University of Sydney Business School, we share ideas and learn from each other. Through our many initiatives, we challenge the status quo to reinvent ourselves and others.

Kathryn Harris

Kathryn Harris, United States

Our students come from a diverse range of industries including consulting, health care, information technology, transport, government, energy, property and real estate, and retail. We want you to share your knowledge and experience with your peers.

“I'm most looking forward to this experience and this journey alongside my cohort. We have a very diverse cohort with individuals from all over the world who all bring unique perspectives and viewpoints and experiences and strengths.”

You embody a global mindset

Alfonso Caso Prado

Alfonso Caso Prado, Mexico

A key differentiator of our full-time MBA is our vibrant and diverse cohort which is made up of students from all over the world.

“I chose the full-time MBA at Sydney for the international perspective of business and to expand my cultural approach towards life. For me, Australia offers the perfect balance to achieve a great education and an amazing experience. I am also learning from the many diverse cultures of my cohort and expanding my networks worldwide.”

I'm originally from Hungary, but I've lived in Luxembourg for most of my life. I did my undergraduate degree in languages in Paris and I did an exchange here in Brisbane.
Viktoria Elizabeth, Luxembourg
17 April 2019

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