06 May 2021

Alek Safarian awarded honorary doctorate

The University of Sydney has awarded an honorary doctorate to Alek Safarian in recognition of his contribution to pharmaceutical development and regulation, and commitment to new educational opportunities for students.
06 May 2021

Noel Hayman awarded honorary doctorate

The University of Sydney has awarded an honorary doctorate to Professor Noel Hayman in recognition of his contributions in the field of medicine.
06 May 2021

Sydney archaeologist helps reveal oldest human burial in Africa

Dating to 78,000 years ago, the bones of a child were found by a team of archaeologists in Panga ya Saidi, a cave site on the Kenyan coast. It is considered the oldest human burial in Africa.
05 May 2021

SILLIAC: the machine that brought Australia into the computer age

A horse-racing benefactor with an interest in science made one of Australia's first, and then most powerful, computers possible.

05 May 2021

Revealed: coral fights back against crown of thorns starfish

Coral can fight back against attacking juvenile crown of thorns starfish - using stinging cells to injure and even kill, showing that coral are not as passive as people may think.
04 May 2021

The next generation of leaders

Alumni Award winners and graduate medallists of 2021 share their University of Sydney experiences and what leadership means to them.
04 May 2021

Understanding heart failure

The effects are profound, yet heart failure is surprisingly little understood. Now Dr Sean Lal is finding new knowledge with help from the world's largest bank of heart tissue samples right here on the University campus.
04 May 2021

Revealed: the fungus attacking Australian native plants

The invasive fungus myrtle rust has been attacking native plants, driving some to the brink of extinction. Dr Peri Tobias and her team hope that sequencing the entire genome can help the plants fight back.
03 May 2021

Financial sector fails human rights test

Research on 22 ASX-listed financial companies has found that they fail to walk their human rights talk: there is no board-level accountability for human rights breaches, despite the existence of pro-human rights policies.