25 May 2021

Two academics named 2021 Academy of Science Fellows

Two Sydney academics from the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Medicine and Health have been named as 2021 Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science.
25 May 2021

Advances in solar panel technology

The fight against climate change might be gaining pace, but it seems green energy silicon solar cells are reaching their limits. The good news? Professor Anita Ho-Baillie is researching a substance that is cheaper, easier to handle and even more efficient.
25 May 2021

National Reconcilation Week 2021: More than a word - Reconciliation takes action

We all have a role to play when it comes to reconciliation - as individuals, families, communities, organisations, and importantly as a nation. This Reconciliation Week, our community reflects on how to take more meaningful action.

25 May 2021

CUAVA training centre wins NSW funding for space industry pilot

Led by Professor Iver Cairns from Physics, CUAVA wins state government funding for NSW space qualification program, with project named 'Waratah Seed'.
25 May 2021

Milky Way no freak accident, astronomers say

Detailed study by University of Sydney astronomers of a galaxy 320 million light years away reveals striking similarities to our own home.
25 May 2021

Legal duo receive honorary doctorates

A former Federal Court judge and a former Commonwealth Solicitor-General - who are also wife and husband - have been honoured by their alma mater, the University of Sydney.