Red heart made out of binary digits.  Photograph from Unsplash Photo by Alexander Sinn

Precision Medicine Pipeline

Working to discover and translate new blood-based biomarkers that enable early detection of pathology to reduce mortality and morbidity in CVD

We are a world class team of clinicals, researchers, bioinformaticians and policy makers, with a track record of discovery, innovation and translation. We intend to direct our skills and resources into a pipeline that is executable to improve the precise detection and treatment of CVD.


  • Arrythmia
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Heart Failure
  • Stroke
  • Sudden Death 


  • Minimise duplication of research
  • Improve collaborative gain
  • Build capacity
  • Build capability
  • Translation
  • Policy change
    • Health Economics of novel diagnostics, CAG and its role in better ID, Diagnosis, Standardized diagnostic criteria, Implementation Science
  • EMCR development
    • Embedding in overall capacity building, Sustainability, PhD scholarships


Title Name Expertise (Keywords) Affiliation
Professor Gemma Figtree   CVI Convenor  
Dr Mark Larance Precision Pipeline Co-Chair  
Professor John O'Sullivan Precision Pipeline Co-Chair  
Professor Jean Yang Bioinformatics focus group lead  
Dr Clare Arnott    
Dr Jimmy Breen    
Professor Alex Brown    
Dr Katharine Brown Mixed methods research, Indigenous health, CV inequalities, Policy translation Telethon Kids Institute
Dr Vivien Chen    
A/Prof James Chong    
Professor Clara Chow    
Professor Stuart Cordwell    
Dr Michelle Cunich    
Mr Dylan Harney Proteomics, metabolism SoLES
Professor Annemarie Hennessy    
A/Prof Sam Hocking    
Professor Kirsten Howard    
Professor Alicia Jenkins    
Professor Tony Keech    
A/Prof Eddy Kizana    
Dr Yvonne Kong platelets PhD candidate University of Sydney, Haematologist SLHD
Dr Rebecca Kozor    
Professor Leonard Kritharides    
A/Prof Saurabh Kumar    
Dr Sean Lal    
Professor Mark Molloy    
Dr Freda Passam    
Dr Sanjay Patel    
Dr Ellis Patrick    
Professor Mark Rees    
Dr Raj Rehan cardiologist  
Professor Christopher Semsarian    
Professor Michael Skilton Nutrition; early origins of disease; early detection The University of Sydney
A/Prof David Sullivan    
Dr Steve Vernon    
Dr James Weaver    
A group of cardiovascular researchers from 2018. They are University of Sydney’s Cardiovascular Initiative researchers and received eight of the thirteen NSW Health Early-Mid Career Fellowships in 2018

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