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Sydney Biomedical Accelerator

Revolutionising the science of healthcare​

The Sydney Biomedical Accelerator is the first-in-Australia precinct that will fast-track scientific discovery into better clinical and patient-centred research and healthcare solutions.

The Sydney Biomedical Accelerator Complex (SBA) is a co-funded partnership project between the NSW Government (NSW Health), Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) and the University of Sydney, comprising a state-of-the-art 36,000m2 biomedical research complex spanning SLHD’s Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital campus and University of Sydney campus.

The University of Sydney’s $478M investment into the SBA is its largest-ever commitment, with over 1200 biomedical researchers and clinician scientists to be located onsite. The SBA has been benchmarked against the world’s leading biomedical facilities, such as the Karolinska Institute, the University of Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District and MassBio.

Our research

The SBA integrates fundamental research at the molecular and cellular level with clinical and patient-centred research and health outcomes. To achieve this vision, the SBA will focus its research on four themes:  

  • programming molecules and cells to cure disease; 

  • preventing and reversing damage by discovering how to regenerate and repair cells and systems;  

  • learning how molecules and their interactions support and sustain human life;  

  • engineering devices to sense, monitor, and improve human health;

The goal of each theme is to connect deep, fundamental scientific expertise with clinical practice and thereby accelerate the time from discovery to new therapeutics, devices, drugs, and ultimately better health outcomes for our communities.

The SBA will support ground-breaking research and innovation, fast-tracking scientific discovery and revolutionise the science of healthcare. To support our vision, the SBA will include:

  • Wet laboratory spaces, including for University researchers, industry and medical research; 

  • Prototyping core research facility for the development of medical devices and implants;

  • Modernised and consolidated biobank;

  • Good manufacturing practice (GMP) cleanrooms;

  • High-performance computing (HPC);

  • Modernised mortuary and anatomy research and teaching facility;

  • Clinical trials and patient-facing clinical spaces;

  • Collaboration spaces for researchers, clinicians and industry partners, including an innovation and start up hub.

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