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Algorithms for Drawing Non-Planar Graphs in Three Dimensions


The project aims to design and implement new graph drawing algorithms for non-planar graphs in three dimensions, under a number of new design constraints.


Professor Seok-Hee Hong.

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Computer Science

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Graph drawing algorithms aim to produce human-readable pictures of relational data. These algorithms are used in visualization software underlying many data mining tools, in domains such as market surveillance, fraud detection, bioinformatics, software re-engineering, and counter-terrorism. 

Planar graph drawing algorithms have a long history both in the theoretical mathematical literature and the pragmatic visualization literature; however, the planarity constraint is very restrictive for practical applications. This project aims to relax this constraint, by drawing non-planar graphs in three dimensions.

This research will address new fundamental questions on three dimensional graph drawing, and initiate new research area in geometric representations of graphs in three dimensions.

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