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Scalable Visual Analytics


Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interface. This project aims to design and evaluate new visual representations and interaction techniques for huge complex data sets such as social networks and biological networks.


Professor Seok-Hee Hong.

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Computer Science

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 Synopsis: Technological advances such as sensors have increased data volumes in the last few years, and now we are experiencing a “data deluge” in which data is produced much faster than it can be used by humans. Further, these huge and complex data sets have grown in importance due to factors such as international terrorism, the success of genomics, increasingly complex software systems, and widespread fraud on stock markets.

We aim to develop new visual representation, visualization and interaction methods for humans to find patterns in huge abstract data sets, especially network data sets. These data sets include social networks, telephone call networks, biological networks, physical computer networks, stock buy-sell networks, and transport networks. These new visualization and interaction methods are in high demand by industry.

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