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Distributed control of distributed energy resources


This project investigates possible agent-based distributed control hierarchies to enable efficient control and aggregation of large numbers of distributed energy resources.


Dr Gregor Verbic.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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The operation of a traditional electric power systems is based on the production of electric energy in large centralized power plants, usually located away from load centres. As a result, the control algorithms are predominantly "central" so they need information on the operation of all the underlying devices. The increased penetration of distributed energy resources will render the conventional centralized control approach impossible to handle. The control will need to be distributed so as to reduce the amount of information exchange. The aim of the project is to use multi-agent systems to enable scalability of the control by distributing control actions. The project will also investigate the optimal hierarchical scheme, aiming to satisfy the conflicting objectives of limiting the amount of information exchange between the various agents and the complexity of the control algorithm.

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