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The impact of the increased integration of electric vehicles on the power reserve requirements


This project analyses the impact of electric vehicles on power reserve requirements of future electric power systems that will need to cope with large penetration of renewable energy sources, e.g. wind and solar.


Professor Gregor Verbic.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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It is anticipated that the transportation sector will in the near future to a large extent move to electricity. As a result, a large fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) will emerge as a new player in electric power systems. When parked, EVs can be used as an energy buffer, storing excess electricity produced by intermittent energy sources and feeding it back to the grid in periods of large demand, thus reducing system's peak loading. EVs can thus help in integrating large amounts of intermittent generation by providing the required ancillary services. The aim of the project is to study the impact of EVs on the system's power reserve requirements considering large scale integration of intermittent energy sources. To assess the impact of the EVs' participation in system support, the unit cycling of conventional power plant will be analysed. Several EV charging scenarios will be considered, from passive to Vehicle-to-Grid.

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