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JANA: a Java- based mixing pattern analyser for complex networks.


Many distributed systems in the real world, including social, biological and technical systems can be modelled as complex networks. During the past few years a number of new graph theoretic measures have been proposed to analyze complex networks  and the mixing patterns occurring in these networks. Some of these measures have been developed by researchers from the University of Sydney. It therefore becomes necessary to implement these analytical measures in an easily accessible open source Java library so that the wider research community would benefit from it.


Dr Mahendra Piraveenan.

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Civil Engineering

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The student will work with some existing source code developed in java, and will have to implement other measures from scratch. The student will also work on suitable GUIs to give the library a front end, and document source code. While based on research, the project will also reflect a real world software project in the sense that previous work would have to be developed upon, and the robustness, portability, testability and re-usability of the code modules are important.

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Suitable for an honours, Masters or vacation student, and the scope could be varied depending on the circumstances.

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