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Beyond Deep Blue: A complex network approach to playing chess


If you play chess, you may have noticed that often we have to calculate the net pressure on certain pieces (i.e how many pieces are 'attacking' it and how many pieces are defending it) while playing chess. Could it be that a player who maintains a solid 'defense network', and develops a good 'attack network' has a better chance of winning? Could the evolution of these networks give some indications which can be used to recognize the better player and predict the outcome of a chess game? This project will address these questions.


Dr Mahendra Piraveenan.

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Civil Engineering

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The project will involve developing software that can translate chess notations into a complex network and use standard and innovative networks metrics to calculate network robustness in terms of chess. The students will then develop, implement and test prediction algorithms based on these networks, The project will involve considerable amount of software development from scratch and application of AI techniques.

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Suitable for an honours, Masters or vacation student, and the scope could be varied depending on the circumstances.

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