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Reducing joint load in people with knee osteoarthritis


This project will involve the implementation of biomechanical interventions with the aim of reducing the load in the medial compartment of the knee during gait.


Dr Milena Simic, Professor Evangelos Pappas.

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Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences Research Group

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Excessive joint loading in the medial knee compartment is one of the hypothesised causes of medial knee osteoarthritis (OA) progression and possibly the onset of disease.  Interventions which aim to reduce the detrimental joint load may have potential to improve disease symptoms and slow the progression of OA.  This project aims to evaluate conservative load-modifying interventions which may be applied by allied health professionals for people with medial knee OA.

Specifically, this project may involve the clinical and biomechanical investigation of interventions such as insoles, gait modifications or gait aid use; the compliance with interventions and optimal methods of prescription for their use.

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