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Physiotherapy and minimisation of medication use in people with knee osteoarthritis: opportunity for cohort studies and clinical trial research


Exercise is a proven and recommended therapy for people with knee osteoarthritis.  However, many people with this condition rely on medication for management of their symptoms.  In the light of current understandings of the adverse events and potential dependence on certain medication, better optimisation of medication use is needed.         
There is scope for several opportunities in this research area to conduct cohort and/or intervention studies. There is little known about why and how people with knee osteoarthritis use medication, long-term outcomes from their treatment choices, and interventions capable of reducing medication use and dependence.


Dr Milena Simic.

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Health Sciences - Generic

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Students interested in this opportunity would gain skills in performing epidemiological studies and the conduct of interventional studies, including clinical trials.  The intervention may involve physiotherapy, exercise, principles of cognitive behavioural therapy, and utilisation of e-health platforms.

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