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Signal Processing and Disease Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


In traditional Chinese medical science (TCMS), these is a famous theory and practice of examining people’s health condition and diagnosing various diseases based on the pulse manifestation. According to the theory, pulse manifestation is a window to observe the general health conditions of human body. Slight variations of characteristics of the pulse can reflect the status of not only the cardio system, but other major systems, such as digestive system, or other parts of human body. Traditionally, the doctors manually sense the pulse manifestation using their fingers. However, the accuracy can be affected by human factors.


Professor Yonghui Li, Professor Branka Vucetic.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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In this project, we will combine modern communications and signal processing technologies and TCMS together and develop novel diagnosis algorithm, through pulse manifestation, tongue color identifications and other approaches, to provide an in-home health care solution with low cost and high accuracy. In such systems, wireless sensing device will be attached to the patients to capture, process and transmit the pulse and other information of human body with high accuracy. We will develop advanced signal processing techniques to analyze the pulse manifestation, tongue color and other information based on the TCMS theories, and link these analysis to examine people’s health status and to help preventing potential diseases.

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