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Demand Side Management in Future Smart Grid: Control, Communication, and Security


In smart grid, demand side management (DSM) has recently attracted significant attention due to its potential capability of reducing the peak demand, increasing the system reliability, reducing operation cost and controlling power emission. Hence, DSM has been expected to play a crucial role in transforming today’s aging power grid to a more reliable and efficient smart grid. To implement DSM, a two-way communications network is required to connect each consumer to the utility. In this project, we focus on the security, communication and control aspects of DSM running on a wireless communications network.


Professor Yonghui Li, Professor Branka Vucetic.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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We will design DSM algorithms which will encourage users to shift their power consumption from peak to off-peak hours. We will also analyze the impact of communication errors on our proposed algorithms, by using tools from optimization theory. Finally, we will look into algorithms which can guarantee the performance of DSM when there are malicious users in the network.

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