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Design of Rateless Network Coded Future Wireless Cellular Systems


Future wireless networks are expected to provide high speed internet access anywhere and anytime. Thepopularity of iPhone and other types of smart-phones undoubtedly accelerates this trend and creates newtraffic demand. The current cellular broadband wireless technologies are unable to meet increasing demandsfor data rates, coverage, novel services and user numbers. Network coding has emerged as a promising toolfor the design of future wireless networks. In this proposal, we systematically design novel network codingschemes for future wireless cellular networks and related signal processing algorithms, capable of achievingsignificant improvements in network throughput, energy efficiency and reliability.


Dr Zihuai Lin.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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In this project we will consider high data rate transmission in wireless cellular networks. The model comprises single/multiple Mobile Terminals (MTs) exchanging data with a single Base Station (BS), through a single relay node with single/multiple antennas. We assume that there are no direct links between the BS and MTs in our studied systems. Our model is very general, and subsumes many specialized multiple MIMO networks, including peer-to-peer, ad-hoc, sensory and mobile networks. We will design joint network channel coding schemes, capable of simultaneously delivering network coding gains through data compression, and channel coding gains through structured redundancy.

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