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Design of Network Coding Schemes for Next Generation of Wireless Cellular Systems


With explosive growth of wireless networks and the Internet, network resource utilization becomes one of thecritical design issues. Network coding has emerged as a promising tool for the design of next generationcommunication networks. There is a need to develop systematic design of network coding techniques for realwireless energy efficient networks. In this proposal, we plan to systematically design network codingmechanisms for cellular networks and related signal processing algorithms, as well as demonstrate thefeasibility and benefits of integrating the developed network coding schemes into practical systems. Theresearch outcomes are likely to result in significant improvements in network performance.


Dr Zihuai Lin, Professor Branka Vucetic.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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The project will integrate novel communication signal processing algorithms with advancedcommunications systems in order to provide continuous two way communications between basestations and mobile terminals with high throughput and link reliability. The project will developnovel network coding techniques and advance the knowledge base in wireless communications. Itwill have the potential to transform next generation wireless communication systems and bringconsiderable technical, economic and environmental benefits. Key project innovations will be (i) systematic design of novel network coding transmission schemes in wireless cellular systems that support both uplink and downlink traffic with cooperation among terminals. (ii) development of novel multiuser MIMO relaying and network coding algorithms for the next generation cellular system (iii) developing software radio based test beds of novel network coding schemes with applications in LTE-A systems, that will enable significantly increased communication coverage and performance relative to the currently available radio technology.

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