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Reducing the Risk of Heat-related Morbidity and Mortality during Extreme Heat Events


This project provides a post-graduate research opportunity to work on a project aimed at evaluating cost-effective and energy-efficient interventions for reducing the risk of cardiovascular failure and heat exhaustion during heat waves with a focus on vulnerable groups (e.g. elderly) residing in large urban areas.


Professor Ollie Jay.

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Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group

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Up to two post-graduate students (PhD or Masters) are sought to work on a project that will evaluate the efficacy of ecologically-valid and simple cooling interventions that can be used by those without access to air conditioning during heat waves. This work will potentially form part of a larger project re-evaluating public health guidance issued during extreme heat events. The mechanisms associated with physiological impairments in heat loss in the elderly may also be investigated. The project will be conducted in association with collaborators at the University of Sydney, and in the United States. The candidate(s) may also be given the opportunity to spend a semester at a leading collaborating laboratory in the United States during the course of their studies. The majority of their research will involve laboratory-based data collection using simulated thermal environments in the state-of-the-art climatic chamber situated at Cumberland campus.

Additional information

This opportunity is open for application to highly motivated students looking to complete a post-graduate degree, with an interest and passion for physiology. Professional conduct, personal organisation, communication, written skill, a good basic knowledge of physiology and punctuality will be important.
Funding in the form of a scholarship may be available.

The successful applicant(s) will be based both at The Cumberland Campus and Main Campus under the supervision of Dr. Ollie Jay and Prof. Richard De Dear.

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