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Body temperature regulation during pregnancy


This project will assess how thermoregulatory capacity is altered at different stages throughout pregnancy. This information will enable the development of safe exercise guidelines for pregnant women wishing to remain active and obtain the benefits of regular exercise.


Professor Ollie Jay, Dr Kate Edwards.

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Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group

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A post-graduate student (PhD or Masters) is sought to work on a project that will evaluate thermoregulatory capacity during different stages of pregnancy. This work will ultimately lead to improved guidance on safe physical activity during pregnancy throughout the summer. This research may also examine how different exercise and thermal interventions during pregnancy can potentially improve health outcomes for both mother and child following birth. The project will be conducted in association with collaborators at Nepean Hospital and the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) at the University of Sydney. The majority of the research will involve laboratory-based data collection using simulated thermal environments in the state-of-the-art climatic chamber situated at Cumberland campus.

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This opportunity is open for application to highly motivated students looking to complete a post-graduate degree, with an interest and passion for exercise physiology. Professional conduct, personal organization, communication, written skill, a good basic knowledge of physiology and punctuality will be important.Funding in the form of a scholarship may be available. The successful applicant(s) will be based at The Cumberland Campus under the supervision of Dr. Ollie Jay and Dr. Kate Edwards.

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