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Incentives to improve responsible research practices


This is an exciting opportunity to investigate aspects of responsible research practices in different domains, and strategies to improve incentives for these practices.  


Dr Joanna Diong.

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Camperdown - Charles Perkins Centre

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Researchers are often under pressure to publish more numbers of papers in higher impact factor journals, potentially at the cost of research quality and rigour. This series of studies aims to investigate the incentives for responsible research practices in different domains (e.g. funders, higher education), and examine strategies to improve these incentives. Findings from this research are significant and may influence how researchers implement principles of research integrity and rigour.

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This project would suit a student with a background in medical science, health science, or a related discipline. You will learn to review and assess published research or openly accessible documents, and synthesise new information from these in this project. You will also have opportunities to learn to process and analyse data using modern computing techniques. We are passionate about good science, and aim to teach you responsible research practices in a stimulating environment.

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