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Structural performance of advanced engineered timber-concrete composite connections for lightweight construction


The project will investigate the performance of novel engineered timber-concrete composite connections as a structural member under in- and out-of plane loads


Dr Ali Hadigheh.

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Civil Engineering

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Formwork is erected to hold wet concrete in place during curing time. Not only it is costly, but stripping of formwork is moderately time consuming especially for larger structures.  Instead, concrete-timber composite systems offer various structural and economic advantages compared with reinforced concrete or timber elements. Timber panels can be used as formwork during construction and remain as a structural element (e.g. tensile reinforcement) in the section after stripping. These panels can also promote concrete architectural flexibility. Proper connection between concrete and timber elements is required to achieve structural functionality in the composite system. This research aims to optimise timber-concrete composite connections for structural applications. Students with background in experimental, analytical, and/or numerical analyses are encouraged to apply by contacting Dr Ali Hadigheh.

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