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Integrated framework for assessing disaster resilient of infrastructures by optimising strengthening techniques


This research will develop a resilience based design (RBD) methodology for infrastreucture by optimising retrofit options with post disaster functionality after static, flood and earthquake exposure.


Dr Ali Hadigheh.

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Civil Engineering

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A large number of existing strucrtures do not satisfy the requirements of new design standards and therefore, are vulnerable to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, man-made disasters and other mass causality events. During an emergency, structures may be vulnerable to structural or non-structural damage which leads to loss of functionality. Lack of knowledge on vulnerability of the structures will make it difficult to develop emergency management plans. This research will develop a comprehensive conceptual model of quantification of resilience, which includes both loss estimation models and recovery models, which can be applied to complex systems of structures and infrastructure networks. Students with background in asset management, or structural strengthening are encouraged to apply by contacting Dr Ali Hadigheh.

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