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Design of new signal processor for fiber-wireless communication systems


The project aims to propose new optical delay lines and topologies for microwave photonic signal processing.


Associate Professor Xiaoke Yi.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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Signal processing using optical delay lines is a powerful technique for processing wide bandwidth signals. The key advantages of photonic signal processing over conventional signal processors based on electronic delay lines such as coaxial cables or waveguides, include reduced size and weight, low and constant attenuation over the entire microwave and millimetre-wave modulation frequency range, immunity to electromagnetic interference, low dispersion and high time-bandwidth capacity.We target the design of bandpass microwave photonic signal processor operating at high RF frequency (>1GHz) with a tunable function, a feature that is not possible with common microwave technology. This new processor has the application of selecting a given RF band or spectral region and providing noise suppression and channel interference mitigation in the fiber-wireless telecommunication system.

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