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Socio-Technical Futures Lab – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: AR/VR

Emerging technologies such as machine vision, AR/VR, AI and recommendation systems raise profound questions about the relationship between technology and society, and how these tech more...

Supervisor(s): Goggin, Gerard (Professor), Carter, Marcus (Dr)

Using virtual reality environments to investigate cognitive function and psychological disorders

The School of Psychology has developed a large laboratory for developing immersive virtual environments. I am looking for students to use these tools to develop tests for assessing more...

Supervisor(s): Johnston, Ian (Dr)

Semantic-driven Multi-modal Biomedical Data Visualisation

BMIT excels at addressing bio-inspired and other real-world challenges with core computing and information technology research in image processing and informatics, computer vision, more...

Supervisor(s): Kim, Jinman (Associate Professor), Feng, David (Professor)