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Modelling the mechanical behaviour of hexagonal materials during complex loadings

The project aims to develop a comprehensive crystal plasticity model to predict stress-strain curves and texture evolution of hexagonal close-packed metals during complex loadings. more...

Supervisor(s): Proust, Gwenaelle (Dr)

Effect of twinning on the hardening behaviour of magnesium alloys

The project aims to elucidate the competitive softening and hardening aspects of twinning during mechanical deformation of magnesium alloys. more...

Supervisor(s): Proust, Gwenaelle (Dr)

Modelling the hardening behaviour of Magnesium alloys using 3D disloation dynamic simulations

This project aims to develop a 3D dislocation dynamics model to understand the hardening mechanisms at play during the deformation alloys containing precipitates more...

Supervisor(s): Proust, Gwenaelle (Dr)