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Oral health care and diabetes – assessing the 45 and up study with oral health data from PBS/MBS and hospital admission data

A two-way relationship has been proven to exist between diabetes and periodontal disease. Linking epidemiological data from the 45 and up study to dental treatment and appointment d more...

Supervisor(s): Eberhard, Joerg (Professor)

Transition from paediatric to adult care in chronic illness.

This is a study on transition from paediatric to adult care in older adolescents with chronic physical illness more...

Supervisor(s): Steinbeck, Kate (Professor)

Addressing harms from smoking during pregnancy

A range of higher degree research (HDR) student project opportunities exist for talented and motivated candidates, who are concerned about addressing inequities created by tobacco a more...

Supervisor(s): Passey, Megan (Associate Professor), Longman, Jo (Dr)