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Design of new metal-based anti-cancer drugs

This project aims to investigate the mode of action of metal anti-cancer drugs, including both anti-metastatic and cytotocities against a range of different cancer cell lines.  more...

Supervisor(s): Lay, Peter (Professor)

‘Magic Bullet’ Cancer Drugs and Antibiotics

We are building new kinds of cancer drugs and antibiotics: molecules that change their behaviour in the presence of their biological target, being chemically activated only when the more...

Supervisor(s): Rutledge, Peter (Professor)

A New Therapeutic Strategy to Overcome Multidrug Resistance by Exploiting Drug-Transporters to Target Untreatable Cancers

We recently have discovered a frontier strategy for overcoming drug resistance mediated by P-glycoprotein (Pgp) in the lysosome. Identifying new targets for resistant cancers are cr more...

Supervisor(s): Jansson, Patric (Dr)