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Evolution of vertebrate pregnancy

Our lab, within the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, focuses on understanding the evolution of viviparity, placentae, and reproductive complexity, using a variety of model more...

Supervisor(s): Whittington, Camilla (Dr), Thompson, Michael B. (Emeritus Professor)

Evolution of viviparity in fish

My lab offers a range of opportunities to build on our research program examining the evolution of reproductive complexity in fish, especially seahorses and sharks. Please see our w more...

Supervisor(s): Whittington, Camilla (Dr), Murphy, Christopher R (Professor)

The anatomy and physiology of the intertidal marine isopod Cirolana harfordi

The intertidal isopod is a remarkably successful scavenger and predator and yet almost nothing is known about its development, anatomy and physiology, so this animal presents a uniq more...

Supervisor(s): Thomson, Murray (Dr)