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ARC and NHMRC schemes

Find key dates, contacts and links to Australian Research Council and National Health and Medical Research Council funding schemes. Our specialist staff can help you with the funding process.

ARC schemes

ARC Centres of Excellence are prestigious foci of expertise through which high-quality researchers maintain and develop Australia’s international standing in research areas of national priority.

Internal Expression of Interest (EOI): In preparation for the ARC's next EOI call, the Research Portfolio will call for EOIs from University of Sydney researchers who will submit for a Centre to be based, or who will be involved in an EOI at another university.

Expression of Interest (EOI) period

EOI Open: 8 June 2021
EOI Close: 28 July 2021
Request Not to Assess Close: 14 July 2021
EOI Rejoinder period: 30 September 2021 to 14 October 2021

Full application period
Applications Open:
8 December 2021
Applications Close: 2 March 2022
Rejoinder period: 5 May 2022 to 18 May 2022

Anticipated announcement: Third Quarter 2022


ARC Discovery Projects provide funding for research projects that can be undertaken by individual researchers or research teams.

Release of Grant Guidelines: 8 October 2019
Applications Open: 11 November 2020
Request Not to Assess Close: 10 February 2021
Applications Close: 24 February 2021
Rejoinders: 8 June 2021 to 22 June 2021
Anticipated announcement: Fourth Quarter 2021
Contact: Iain Berry

The ARC Discovery Indigenous scheme provides funding to Administering Organisations to support research programmes led by an Indigenous Australian researcher and build research capacity of higher degree research and early career researchers.

Release of Grant Guidelines: 8 October 2019
Applications Open: 25 November 2020
Request Not to Assess Close: 3 March 2021
Applications Close: 17 March 2021
Rejoinders: 17 June 2021 to 30 June 2021
Anticipated announcement: Fourth Quarter 2021 
Contact: Iain Berry

The Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP) offers a suite of funding schemes attractive to both university-based researchers and industries.

IT Research Hubs (ITRH) is a scheme that will support collaborative research activity between the Australian higher education sector and industry designed to focus on strategic outcomes that are not independently realisable.

IT Training Centres (ITTC) is a scheme that will foster close partnerships between university-based researchers and other research end-users to provide innovative Higher Degree by Research (HDR) and postdoctoral training for the end-user focused research industries vital to Australia's future.

Release of Grant Guidelines: 27 September 2019
Applications Open: 10 September 2020
Request Not to Assess Close: 4 November 2020
Applications Close: 18 November 2020
Rejoinders: 5 February 2021 to 18 February 2021
Anticipated announcement: Third Quarter 2021

The ARC Linkage Projects scheme promotes national, and international, collaboration and research partnerships between key stakeholders in research and innovation including higher education institutions, government, business, industry and end-users. Proposals must include at least one Partner Organisation who must make a contribution in cash and/or in kind to the project. The combined Partner Organisation contributions for a Proposal (i.e. the total of the cash and in-kind contributions of the Partner Organisations) must at least match the total funding requested from the ARC.

The first 10 successful University of Sydney ARC Linkage applications awarded in 2020 will receive funding towards a three-year PhD scholarship. See intranet for more details

Linkage Projects 2020 Assessment Round 2

Applications Open: 20 December 2019
Request Not to Assess close: 12 August 2020
Applications close: 12 August 2020
Rejoinders: 7 October 2020 to 21 October 2020
Anticipated announcement: February 2021 (Approximately six months from the application closing date for this round)

Linkage Projects 2020 Assessment Round 3

Applications Open: 20 December 2019
Request Not to Assess close: 17 December 2020 
Applications close: 17 December 2020 
Rejoinders: 3 March 2021 to 17 March 2021 
Anticipated announcement: 
June 2021 (Approximately six months from the application closing date for this round)
Contact: Iain Berry

The ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme provides funding for research infrastructure, equipment and facilities to eligible organisations, allowing expensive infrastructure, equipment and facilities to be shared between higher education organisations and also with industry.

Release of Grant Guidelines: 20 November 2019
Applications Open: 27 January 2021
Request Not to Assess Close: 17 March 2021
Applications Close: 31 March 2021
Rejoinders: 7 July 2021 to 21 July 2021
Anticipated announcement: Fourth Quarter 2021

The ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme is open to outstanding researchers of international repute and encourages proposals involving Australian or international researchers. The scheme provides project funding in addition to a salary supplement and salary-related support for up to 5 years.

Applications Open: 11 September 2020
Request Not to Assess Close: 21 October 2020
Applications Close: 4 November 2020
Rejoinders: 10 February 2021 to 23 February 2021
Anticipated announcement: Third Quarter 2021 
David Boyd

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA) provide focused support for researchers and aims to create more opportunities for early-career researchers in both teaching and research, and research-only positions. The scheme provides a contribution towards salary and project costs for up to three years. 

Release of Grant Guidelines: 8 October 2019
Applications Open: 16 September 2020
Request Not to Assess Close: 11 November 2020
Applications Close: 25 November 2020
Rejoinders: 10 March 2021 to 23 March 2021
Anticipated announcement: Third Quarter 2021
Contact: David Boyd

ARC Future Fellowships aim to attract and retain the best and brightest mid-career researchers. The scheme provides salary support and non-salary funding for costs including personnel, equipment, travel and field research costs directly related to the research, for up to 4 years.

Release of Grant Guidelines: 
8 October 2019
Applications Open: 14 October 2020
Request Not to Assess Close: 25 November 2020
Applications Close: 9 December 2020
Rejoinders: 15 March 2021 – 26 March 2021
Anticipated announcement: Third Quarter 2021
Contact: Grace Cha

NHMRC schemes

Clinical Trials & Cohort Studies Grants support high-quality clinical trials and cohort studies that address important gaps in knowledge, leading to relevant and implementable findings for the benefit of human health.

Applications open: 30 June 2021
Minimum data: 28 July 2021
NHMRC deadline: 25 August 2021
Contact: Nicole Richardson

To support innovative research projects addressing a specific research question(s). This scheme will provide particular opportunities for early and mid-career researchers. It is expected that CIA will have the scientific leadership and skills to achieve the proposed project. Not intended to support research where a clinical trial or cohort study is the primary objective, instead apply under NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grants.

Applications open: 10 March 2021 
Minimum data: 7 April 2021 
NHMRC deadline: 5 May 2021 
Contact: Naomi Koh Belic

Investigator Grants support the research program of outstanding investigators at all career stages. The schemes is consolidated into two categories Emerging Leadership (EL) and Leadership (L).

Applications open: 3 February 2021 
Minimum data: 3 March 2021 
NHMRC deadline: 31 March 2021 
Contact:Sherridan Blackman

Synergy Grants support outstanding multidisciplinary teams of investigators to work together to answer major research questions, that cannot be answered by a single investigator.

Applications open: 24 February 2021 
Minimum data: 24 March 2021 
NHMRC deadline: 21 April 2021
Contact:Grace Cha

NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence (CRE) scheme will provide support for teams of researchers to pursue collaborative research and develop capacity in clinical, population health and health services research.

Applications are currently closed. 

NHMRC Development Grants provide funding support financial support to individual researchers and/or research teams to undertake health and medical research within Australia at the proof-of-concept stage that specifically drives towards a commercial outcome within a foreseeable timeframe. Applicants must secure at least one industry/commercial partner and as part of the application to demonstrate how the industry/commercial partner/s will contribute to, and be involved in the advancement of the proposed Development Grant.

Applications open: 21 April 2021 
Minimum data deadline: 26 May 2021 
NHMRC deadline: 16 June 2021 
Contact: Rosa Evaquarta

NHMRC Partnership Projects provide funding and support to create new opportunities for researchers and policy makers to work together to define research questions, undertake research, interpret the findings and implement the findings into policy and practice.

Applications are currently closed.