Susan Wakil Scholarship - Undergraduate Greater Sydney

An undergraduate scholarship for students from Greater Sydney
Up to $20,000 scholarship to support first-year students from the Greater Sydney region to study nursing.


Value Eligibility Open date Close date
Up to $20,000
  • First-year nursing student from the Greater Sydney region
1 July 2024
30 September 2024

How to apply

Apply here.


The scholarship covers tuition fees. Any remaining funds will be dispersed to the student. $3250 is awarded per semester for up to six semesters.

An additional one-off payment of $500 will be paid to the recipient in the first semester of award.

Who's eligible

You must be:

  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident from Greater Sydney
  • enrolled full-time and commencing first year of a Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) degree at the Sydney Nursing School.
  • enrolled in a minimum of 24 credit points in the first semester of your degree.


Established in 2016, this scholarship has been generously donated by the Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation.

1. Background

a. This Scholarship was established in 2016 to encourage and support students from the Greater Sydney region to undertake nursing education at The University of Sydney Susan Wakil School of Nursing and Midwifery (Sydney Nursing School).

b. This Scholarship has been donated by the Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation.

2. Eligibility

a. The Scholarship is offered subject to the applicant having an unconditional offer of admission or being currently enrolled in the first year of the Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) at the Sydney Nursing School.

b. Applicants must enrol in a minimum of 24 credit points in their first semester of the degree.

c. Applicants must be Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents.

d. Applicants must be from the Greater Sydney (Greater Capital City Statistical Area) classified by the Australian Bureau of Statistics prior to commencing enrolment in their eligible degree. 

3. Selection Criteria

a. The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of:

I. academic merit, and

II. a personal statement.

b. Shortlisted applicants may need to attend an interview (face to face or online) with the selection committee.

c. The selection committee will consist of the:

I. Head of School and Dean of the Sydney Nursing School or their nominated delegate,

II. At least one representative of the Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation, 

III. Director Academic Education,

IV. Pre-Registration Program Director,

V. School Manager,

VI. Director of Academic Career Development, and

VII. Administration Officer.

4. Value

a. The total value of the scholarship for a recipients enrolled full-time will be $20,000. This will be split into the following benefits:

I. a one-off payment of $500 in the first semester of their award, and

II. $3,250 per semester towards their tuition fees for six (6) semesters. Any remaining funds for each relevant semester will be dispersed to the student as a cash payment.

b. All scholarship payments will be paid after the relevant census date of each semester.

c. Deferral and suspension of the Scholarship is not permitted without the prior permission of the Director Academic Education.

d. The scholarship is not transferable to another University school, faculty or university. 

e. The Scholarship will be offered subject to the availability of funds.

f. No other amount is payable.

5. Ongoing eligibility

a. To continue receipt of the Scholarship, the recipient must:

I. maintain a minimum Semester Average Mark (SAM) of 50 each semester, and

II. remain enrolled in a minimum of 24 credit points each semester in their eligible course.

b. Recipients undertaking an exchange during the tenure of this Scholarship are required to have achieved a Satisfied Requirements grade (SR) to receive their next payment. 

6. Termination

a. The Scholarship will be terminated if the recipient:

I. withdraws from an eligible course or fails to enrol,

II. enrols in less than 24 credit points in a semester,

III. undertakes a leave of absence without prior approval from the Director Academic Education,

IV. does not maintain satisfactory academic performance, 

V. is determined by the University to be guilty of serious misconduct, including, but not limited to, having provided false or misleading information as part of their Scholarship application, or

VI. does not resume study at the end of a period of approved leave.

b. Once the Scholarship has been terminated, it will not be reinstated unless due to University error.  

c. Where a student is found guilty of serious misconduct or the Scholarship is terminated under any instance in the Termination Clause of these terms and conditions, the University reserves the right to request that any Scholarship funds paid to the Scholarship recipient be reimbursed. 

7. Other Requirements

a. Recipients of the scholarship are required to:

I. attend annual School Scholarship and prize events during the tenure of their scholarship,

II. contribute to communications and events to update the Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation on their progress,

III. actively participate in the Susan Wakil Scholars Academy, and

IV. meet with the Director Academic Education or the designated academic once each semester during the tenure of this scholarship to discuss their academic progression.