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Frequently asked questions about the RTP Scholarships
Below are answers to help guide your Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships application process. Navigate through questions by selecting the topic, and return to the top of the page by clicking 'back to top'.

Application timeline and key dates

When are applications open?

There will be three main intakes for international students in March, September and December. However, you should check your faculty’s deadline for submitting an application for entry into the degree.

What are research periods?

There are four research periods each year when you can start your study with us. Research periods 1 and 2 run in the first half of the year, while Research period 3 and 4 run in the second half. Only the Faculty of Science offers all four research period intakes. For more information, visit the application dates page.

I'm an international student, how far in advance should I apply for a scholarship?

It depends on the wait times for your specific visa application. As some visa applications can take upwards of 12 weeks it is always best to factor this time into your decision when applying for admission.

Generally speaking, it is best to have your scholarship application completed and submitted 6 months before you plan to commence. This should allow enough time to receive your scholarship outcome, accept, and then apply for your visa. 

Can I apply for research scholarships after I commence my research?

Yes, you can apply here

You will incur advanced standing. Periods of prior enrolment in a postgraduate research degree will be deducted from the tenure of your scholarship. Advanced standing refers to this period of deducted tenure.

For example, a doctoral scholarship is awarded for 3.5 years. If you have already completed 6 months of your doctorate degree before being awarded a scholarship, 6 months will be deducted from the maximum tenure, thus you are only eligible to hold the RTP scholarship for a maximum of 3 years.

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What are the document submission requirements? 

For information on document requirements, including transcripts, proof of English language proficiency and scanned documents, please see the RTP page.

I'm currently an international student but I've applied for Australian permanent residency. Can I apply for an RTP?

You can apply for RTP scholarships. If you are awarded, your scholarship will be adjusted to match your residency status. 

I previously held a scholarship for a now completed master's candidature, and am now starting a new PhD candidature. Can I apply for an RTP?

Yes, you are eligible to apply.

Do I need to compile a research experience appendix? 

If you have scholarly publications, significant output in the art or music areas and/or relevant professional or direct research experience, you need to compile and attach a research experience evidence template (docx, 99KB) to your application.

I recently submitted my RTP application, but I’ve since had a journal article accepted for publication. Can I add this to my application?

If there is still time for the information to be included in the assessment of your application we will add it. Please upload an updated research experience evidence template (docx, 99KB) to this form.

I am still waiting on the final result of my current studies. Can I still apply for an RTP Scholarship?

Yes. No decision will be made until your results are finalised.

A scholarship award benchmark is set by the selection committee and an applicant will be considered for a scholarship if the applicant’s ranking is at or above the benchmark, and has received unconditional admission offer for the relevant research period by the respective census date. Therefore, you will not be disadvantaged because of the timing of your final result.

Currently enrolled students who would like to apply for the scholarship must provide their Student Identification Number (SID) in their online application.

Applicants may be ranked without having yet received a course offer, but will only be considered for a scholarship offer once they have received an unconditional offer of admission.

If you are a current honours student, it is important that you submit your honours thesis on time if you intend to apply for an RTP.

Your honours thesis mark is used in the RTP application ranking, so if your thesis is submitted late your marks may not be available in time to include you in the RTP ranking.

I want to apply for an RTP but I haven’t got a supervisor or research project yet. Can I still apply?

No. Applications for an RTP Scholarship are part of the admissions process, and you are required to have found a supervisor when you apply for admission to a postgraduate research degree. For more information on finding a supervisor, go to Research Supervisor Connect.

What type of degree can an RTP be awarded for?

Applicants for the RTP must undertake a postgraduate research degree, ie. a master's by research or a research doctorate (PhD). Students who intend to enrol in a postgraduate coursework degree which has a research component are not eligible for RTP Scholarships.

I received second class honours from another university, but if I’d gotten the same mark at the University of Sydney I would have received first class honours. Can my result be considered as first class honours?

No, your result remains second class honours.

I received a second class honours result but there were mitigating circumstances. Can I apply for special consideration of my RTP application?

No, your result remains second class honours.

I don’t have first class honours or equivalent, but can I apply for an RTP based on financial need?

The RTP are awarded on academic merit and research potential only. Financial Support Service at the University provides short term financial relief to students who experience financial hardships.

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When will I find out if my RTP application has been successful?

You should receive the outcome as per the information on our website.

What is the likelihood of my RTP application being successful?

The Scholarships Office cannot pre-assess your RTP application. Only a submitted application can be assessed against published eligibility requirements and ranked against applicants for the intake(s) under consideration. The outcome of application will only be released following the committee meeting.

I’m going overseas just before the RTP results will be released. Can I get my result a little bit earlier?

No, the Scholarships Office does not release results early.

My application for an RTP was unsuccessful. Can I get some feedback?

The University does not provide specific ranking outcomes apart from notifications to successful and unsuccessful applicants. Applicants are encouraged to refer to selection criteria and related documents for questions related to scholarship award process.

How can I improve my application next round?

Should your circumstances have changed, such as obtaining additional academic qualification, and/or publishing new academic research paper, you are encourage to apply again. To re-appy, simply submit your new qualification and research output to our online form.

Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to take into account factors beyond the possible award of a scholarship when making a decision to defer their course offer.

What is the rate of RTP stipend scholarship in 2024?

The University of Sydney is offering the RTP stipend scholarship at rate at $40,109 per annum. This rate applies to both domestic and international students.

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Deferrals and transfers

I hold an APA/RTP at another university but I want to transfer my candidature to the University of Sydney. Can I directly transfer my scholarship?

No, the RTP funds were awarded to your original university and remain with that university - they don't move with you. You will need to go through the University of Sydney’s RTP application process.

Can I apply for an RTP now and then defer it if my application is successful?

Scholarships can only be deferred within the year of award. Deferral to the next calendar year is not permissible.

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Other scholarships

How do I apply for a supplementary scholarship?

Your eligibility for the UPA scholarship will also be considered as part of an RTP application.

If I am not successful in gaining an RTP, what other scholarship options are available?

There are many scholarship options available beyond the RTP. Browse postgraduate research scholarships for domestic and international students.