Professor Brent Kaiser
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Professor Brent Kaiser

Professor of Legume Biology
School of Life and Environmental Sciences
Director: ARC ITRH - Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture
Sydney Institute of Agriculture Theme Leader: Plant Breeding and Production
+ 2 9351 1831
Professor Brent Kaiser

Professor Brent N. Kaiser received a BSc (Agriculture) and MSc (Plant Physiology) degree from the University of Guelph (Canada) and a PhD from the Australian National University (Plant Molecular Biology).

As a postdoctoral fellow, Brent worked in a number of research groups (UBC Canada, Nice France and Canberra Australia) in areas focused on the molecular regulation of nitrogen transport in plants. Brent accepted a lectureship at the University of Adelaide in 2003, where he established a research lab in plant mineral nutrition focusing on nitrogen transport in cereals and nitrogen-fixing legumes. While in Adelaide, Brent taught in the Viticulture and Wine Science program and acted as Program coordinator for the undergraduate and postgraduate Wine Science degrees.

Brent is Professor of Legume Biology within the School of Life and Environmental Sciences and is a member of the Sydney Institute of Agriculture, where he leads the Plant Breeding and Production Theme.

Brent is a molecular physiologist examining the regulation and control of plant nitrogen transport systems. The topics of the research include: i) Nitrogen transport and assimilatory mechanisms that operate in plants to enhance uptake and redistribution of inorganic nitrogen and 2) Symbiotic signaling that promote symbiotic nitrogen fixation within the legume rhizobia symbiosis.

Brent currently supervises three PhD students and two postdoctoral fellows. His teaching interest is in plant molecular genetics and molecular biology and its link to physiological responses and environmental adaptation.


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Plant biology and production


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Selected Grants


  • NACRA CRC-P Participants Agreement - Ord River Co, Kaiser B, Ord River District Co-operative Limited/Cooperative Research Centre Project


  • Industrial Transformation Research Program - Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture, Kaiser B, Trethowan R, Barbour M, Smith P, Merchant A, Bramley H, Deaker R, NSW Department of Industry/Research Attraction and Acceleration Program
  • Legumes for sustainable agriculture, Kaiser B, Adams M, Trethowan R, Mathesius U, Colmer T, Day D, Denton M, Barbour M, Smith P, Merchant A, Bramley H, Deaker R, Young I, Sutton T, Bird D, Juttner J, Ogbonnaya F, Australian Research Council (ARC)/Industrial Transformation Research Hubs (ITRH)



The role of the ammonium transport bHLHm1/AMF1 regulatory loci in plants – B.N. Kaiser, P. Smith, M. Unkovich. Australian Research Council Discovery Program