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01 July 2024

Australia's 'Easter bunny', the bilby, has had its genome fully sequenced

Under pressure from predatory foxes and cats and competing with feral rabbits, the Greater bilby has lost more than 80 percent of its habitat. Conservation work led by Professor Carolyn Hogg is designed to help save the bilby from extinction.
27 June 2024

Psylo partnership to deliver psychedelic treatments for mental health

University research expertise combined with Psylo's artificial intelligence platform promises life-changing therapeutics.
26 June 2024

Promising pathway discovered to treat rare childhood brain disease

Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome is a rare disease that can trigger dementia in children. Associate Professor Markus Hofer and colleagues in the UK are focusing on treatments in the blood vessels in the brain to combat AGS.
25 June 2024

Beyond CRISPR: seekRNA delivers a new pathway for accurate gene editing

Patented method developed in the laboratory of Dr Sandro Ataide promises to accelerate the potential of genetic engineering already shown by CRISPR gene-editing technology.
24 June 2024

Strengthening epidemiology training in Asia Pacific with fieldwork and eLearning opportunities

Boosting veterinary epidemiology across the Asia Pacific by enabling field veterinarians to detect and respond to zootonic disease outbreaks promptly.
18 June 2024

Koalas can predict and prepare for the hottest days of summer

The iconic marsupial can regulate its temperature to a greater degree than previously thought - but this could prove troublesome as global warming bites.
10 June 2024

Celebrating alumni and staff recognised with 2024 King's Birthday Honours

The University of Sydney congratulates all members of its community recognised in the 2024 King's Birthday Honours List, including Professor Karen Canfell AC, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer AO, Professor Don Nutbeam AO, and Professor Helen Reddel AM.
29 May 2024

Australian Laureate Fellowships honour two researchers

Two University of Sydney academics have been awarded prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowships from the Australian Research Council.
24 May 2024

Olivia Coppin’s unexpected journey into wildlife conservation

From a young age, Olivia Coppin dreamed of working with animals. When she found the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Taronga Wildlife Conservation) at the University of Sydney, she realised her dreams could become a reality.
23 May 2024

How Natalie turned her passion for sustainability into a successful career

Natalie shares how her passion for the environment and desire to make an impact led her to make a career change into the sustainability sector.