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31 March 2023

Dr Karl: Future food, ethics and sustainability via hamburgers

Complicated? What is not in strawberry yoghurt – cow’s hooves, seaweed or strawberry?
30 March 2023

Two researchers honoured in NHMRC Research Excellence Awards

Professor Eddie Holmes and Professor Greg Fox, both from the Faculty of Medicine and Health, have been awarded NHMRC Research Excellence Awards.
29 March 2023

Blinded by the light: gamma ray burst brighter than any seen before

Gamma ray bursts are the most explosive events in the Universe. Astronomers last year witnessed the brightest ever seen and have analysed the results, with a Sydney team providing important evidence.
21 March 2023

Our research isn't an argument against cashless gaming reform in NSW

Professor Sally Gainsbury says a key feature of account-based gambling is not removing cash, per se, but requiring gamblers to gamble through an identified account.
21 March 2023

Scientists open door to manipulating 'quantum light'

The way light interacts with matter continues to enthral scientists and the human imagination, both for its theoretical beauty and its powerful practical application in fields like metrology and computing.
15 March 2023

Are we alone? University and EnduroSat join up in search for life among the stars

Led by Professor Peter Tuthill, the TOLIMAN mission to search for planets capable of hosting life around Alpha Centauri has taken a step forward, engaging EnduroSat to take our technology into orbit.
14 March 2023

Culturally diverse people might resist frontotemporal dementia symptoms for longer

University of Sydney researchers who compared people with frontotemporal dementia have found that those born overseas who first spoke a language other than English can tolerate the disease longer before symptoms gain a foothold.

14 March 2023

Sydney researchers honoured by Australian Academy of Science

Researchers Professor Renae Ryan and Dr Rachel Wang have been honoured in the annual Australian Academy of Science honorific awards.
13 March 2023

Avian influenza viruses could spawn the next human pandemic

The next pandemic that cascades through the human population could be caused by a new influenza virus strain concocted in animals, against which humans will have little to no immunity. That's the conclusion of Australian and Chinese scientists who analysed close to five decades of animal influenza records.  

03 March 2023

Sydney academics and alumni awarded 2023 Fulbright Scholarships

From fluorescent nanoparticles to novel quantum sensors in medical imaging, academics and alumni of the University of Sydney have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships.