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19 August 2022

Climate threat to food supply chains creates 'domino effect'

New modelling by a multidisciplinary team of researchers shows the impact climate change and extreme weather events could have on food supply chains, with adverse effects on income, food and nutrient availability.
16 August 2022

Atmospheric rivers

An “atmospheric river” is a narrow, fast-flowing stream of moist air - many thousands of kilometres long, a few hundred kilometres wide, and usually traveling faster than 45 kph.
11 August 2022

Professor Marcel Dinger appointed Dean of the Faculty of Science

Professor Dinger is an experienced genome biologist and entrepreneur, with 22 years’ experience in bioinformatics and genomics in both commercial and academic capacities.

09 August 2022

Can the next generation of sea urchins resist marine heatwaves?

Devastating effects on marine organisms may result from the exposure of ecosystems to extreme global ocean temperatures due to climate change. But can they adapt in time?
03 August 2022

Uncovering the links between diet, gut health and immunity

A pre-clinical study from the University of Sydney has found a high-protein diet can change the microbiota of the gut, triggering an immune response. Researchers say the study takes us a step closer to understanding the way diet impacts gut health and immunity.
03 August 2022

Sydney veterinary scientists helping communities around the Pacific

Top Sydney veterinary scientists are spreading awareness, training, and planning to neighbouring Pacific Island Countries in order to help prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases like foot-and-mouth.

01 August 2022

Academics unite to create more sustainable cities

Academics from some of the world's top institutions will come together in August to brainstorm ideas to create more sustainable cities and communities.
29 July 2022

2021 Physics Grand Challenges winners announced

The Physics Grand Challenges aims to support unconventional, innovative, interdisciplinary research projects with a total of $250,000 each to be awarded to two projects to use over a period of up to two years.
27 July 2022

Add Sustainability into your degree

If you’re looking to improve your career prospects, open the door to further academic study, or pursue your passion while helping save the planet, studying Sustainability is your next step.

27 July 2022

2022 Sleek Geeks Eureka Prize finalists announced

After hundreds of hours of deliberation, six individuals have been selected as finalists in the 2022 Australian Museum Sleek Geeks Eureka Prizes — and we’re thrilled to be revealing this group to the public.