18 December 2020

Careers in maths

Due to the growing importance of technology, big data and economic efficiency in all kinds of businesses, mathematics, statistics and data science graduates continue to be in high demand.
18 December 2020

Physics careers: what can you do with a physics degree?

Unravel the mysteries of our world. Build strong problem-solving skills desired in a range of industries and roles. Work at the forefront of science and technology.
17 December 2020

Truth can be obscured by bodycam footage: research

A study on how viewing footage may affect a police officer's statement about an event shows that footage does not always replicate what an officer experienced.
17 December 2020

Secret of Australia's volcanoes revealed

Geoscientists at the University of Sydney can now provide a clear reason why Australia's east coast has been peppered with volcanoes from North Queensland to Tasmania.
16 December 2020

Why unis must prepare students to secure our food and the planet

Universities have an obligation to make the learning of agriculture as varied, dynamic, interesting and modern as the industry is itself. Our academic leaders put out a call for a new visionary curriculum.
16 December 2020

What's up Skip? Kangaroos really can 'talk' to us

New research shows that non-domesticated animals such as the iconic Australian marsupial can seek to engage with humans to help them solve problems.
14 December 2020

What’s the difference between the animal health, biology and conservation degrees?

There are a number of ways to study animal health, biology and conservation, so we step through what each of our animal-related science degrees offers you, to help make choosing easier.
10 December 2020

Space weather discovery puts 'habitable planets' at risk

Using radio signals as an indicator of stellar activity will allow astronomers to determine 'space weather' in nearby solar systems. The news is not great for life (as we know it) from our nearest neighbour.
08 December 2020

Professor Nalini Joshi awarded the George Szekeres Medal

Professor Joshi from the School of Mathematics and Statistics has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to mathematical sciences by the discipline's peak national body.
07 December 2020

3 billion animals impacted by fires including 60,000 koalas: report

Estimates some 3 billion animals were killed or misplaced by the 2019-20 mega-fires in Australia have been confirmed - with a breakdown by animal type for the first time - in a conclusive Sydney-led report commissioned by WWF.