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28 July 2020

Agriculture careers

Whether you'd like to join the forefront of agricultural research or improve food security to make the planet a better place, studying agriculture will give you highly sought-after skills for a huge range of careers.
09 July 2020

Meet Ruzhen, a visiting scholar from China

Ruzhen Wang is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Applied Ecology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, where he is disentangling the relative roles of nutrient uptake and recycling in plant growth under drought stress.
08 July 2020

Why study agriculture at Sydney

Find out how our postgraduate courses in agriculture will train you to solve the big challenges in the world: food security, climate change, water and the environment.
25 June 2020

Why study environmental science at Sydney

Find out how our postgraduate course in environmental science is a launch pad into leadership for professionals in the environmental sector and helps build a career with positive impact.
25 June 2020

Traditional medicines and health treatments - Remembering Uncle Freddy

Aboriginal people are known across the world as the first scientists, doctors and pharmacists with the longest surviving knowledges in human history, yet we experience some of the worst health outcomes in the modern world.
24 June 2020

Why study marine science at Sydney

Find out how our postgraduate course in marine science and management will accelerate your understanding of complex coastal challenges and help build a career with positive impact.
23 June 2020

Fermentation: art, science and sourdough

Fermentation is an interesting art and science in itself, bringing microbiology and biochemistry into your home kitchen. Take a look into the science beneath the gentle bubbles, as seen in sourdough bread making.
23 June 2020

The power of citizen science across Australia and beyond

There are far-reaching benefits to participating in science and research as part of our everyday lives.
23 June 2020

Coffee grinding

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki takes a close look at what it takes to make a cup of coffee great.

23 June 2020

Protecting public health: a story of chemical regulation

Chemicals are ubiquitous and can be useful 'friends' or dangerous hazards; Chemical Regulation is vital for tipping the balance in humanity's favour.