27 October 2020

Professor Edward Holmes named as NSW Scientist of the Year

One of the world's top authorities on viruses has been busy this year studying the emergence of SARS-CoV-2. His work has been recognised with the state's top honour for scientists.
21 October 2020

Australian invention to make it easier to find 'new Earths'

University of Sydney scientists have developed a sensor that will help decipher the 'twinkle' of stars and allow for ground-based exploration of exoplanets. Their invention will be deployed in one of the world's largest telescopes at Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
20 October 2020

Careers in psychology

Psychology graduates work in a variety of roles in corporations and sporting groups, courts and gaols, hospitals and mental health facilities, universities, marketing and advertising, schools and private practice.
19 October 2020

Protect Antarctica Now

A team of female scientists, led by Australians, are urgently calling for a Marine Protected Area around the Antarctic Peninsula. One of the most diverse and wildlife-rich areas on the planet, the fate of the Peninsula's waters will be decided by a multinational government group today.
19 October 2020

University technology spin-off Gelion delivers smart solar benches

Safe, inexpensive and scalable: Gelion's new battery technology has been tested and installed on campus and is now ready for the commercial market in industry, agriculture and residential.
16 October 2020

Four winners at RACI awards

The awards recognise outstanding work in chemistry, from student achievement to career excellence.
15 October 2020

Human activity has made Murray estuary more vulnerable to drought

The acidification of the lower Murray River is a known problem. For the first time a study has married geomorphology and environmental chemistry to gain a better understanding of how the lakes formed - and how they should be managed.
13 October 2020

Lost in translation: why the lingua franca of science matters

The dominance of English in high impact factor journals may cause important research in other languages to be disseminated to a smaller audience, resulting in the potential distortion of research in some fields.
13 October 2020

Dark clouds and silver linings

From the devastating wildfires to the COVID pandemic across the globe, the year of 2020 has been downhill. But are we capable of seeing the silver lining amidst the face masks, hand sanitisers and endless isolation?
13 October 2020

Catalysing scientific advancement

The impact that global collaborations can have in addressing unmet scientific challenges is revolutionary for all areas in science.