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Careers in psychology

Psychology can lead graduates to work in an array of settings
Psychology graduates work in a variety of roles in corporations and sporting groups, courts and gaols, hospitals and mental health facilities, universities, marketing and advertising, schools and private practice.
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The science of human behaviour attracts many people who are interested in brain function, memory, learning, human development and the processes determining how people think, feel, behave and react.

Psychologists use the latest research on the factors that influence these processes. They devise and test methods to improve performance, address mental illness, and help people to live happier, healthier lives.

Psychology is a broad profession, and one that is almost unrivalled in the scope in which it can be applied.

What psychology job opportunities are there?

Demand for psychologists is growing – with the field predicted to have a 20% increase in job prospects over the next five years* - the outlook for the industry is positive.

Career opportunities exist in three main areas:

  • research and teaching - the science
  • service provision - the treatment profession
  • beyond the individual - the application of science at a systems level

Many psychologists move flexibly across these areas. For example, some psychologists might conduct research and provide clinical services in a mental health setting. Others may work in universities as well as conducting private counselling practices.

Psychology graduates, like other science disciplines, have a set of skills and attributes that are highly regarded by organisations and the general community, including advanced communication skills, the ability to design, conduct and evaluate research, and the ability to think critically and creatively about problems.

Psychology provides graduates with an exciting diversity of pathways, guaranteed to satisfy and enrich those who wish to make a difference to their world through enriching people's lives and working for social and community change.

How much can I earn with a psychology degree?

PayScale reports that Bachelor of Science graduates who major in psychology earn an average annual salary of $75,000 in Australia.

As career opportunities span a range of roles and industries, salary trends depend on the area you decide to work. Click through the gallery to see some example salaries for jobs that psychology graduates enter.

What qualifications do I need for a career in psychology?

There are a variety of ways you can study psychology with us. Visit our study psychology page for all the options

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20 October 2020

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