20 October 2020

Careers in psychology

Psychology graduates work in a variety of roles in corporations and sporting groups, courts and gaols, hospitals and mental health facilities, universities, marketing and advertising, schools and private practice.
16 October 2020

Four winners at RACI awards

The awards recognise outstanding work in chemistry, from student achievement to career excellence.
13 October 2020

Lost in translation: why the lingua franca of science matters

The dominance of English in high impact factor journals may cause important research in other languages to be disseminated to a smaller audience, resulting in the potential distortion of research in some fields.
13 October 2020

Dark clouds and silver linings

From the devastating wildfires to the COVID pandemic across the globe, the year of 2020 has been downhill. But are we capable of seeing the silver lining amidst the face masks, hand sanitisers and endless isolation?
13 October 2020

Catalysing scientific advancement

The impact that global collaborations can have in addressing unmet scientific challenges is revolutionary for all areas in science.
13 October 2020

LIGO - An extraordinary collaboration across the globe

Learn how an extraordinary collaboration between theoretical and experimental physicists across the globe, turned Einstein's theories into a revolutionary telescope.